• DO YOU HAVE AT LEAST ONE COMPETANT INDEPENDANT ADVISOR IN BUSINESS OR PERSONAL MATTERS?  Most family & closely-held companies do not, unaware of the unique value from seasoned perspective, above & beyond personal skills or experience from those within their organization. Even among companies who do have ‘Advisory’ Boards: (1) Many were appointed primarily as investor/lender reps, or to market impressive names & bios on the website; (2) Actual roles/ expectations/ commitments are seldom defined, which lead to absence of coordinated purpose & contribution; and (3) the relevance of members’ input is often dismissed, as leaders feel more comfortable with a ‘ready/ fire/ aim’ approach to Strategy and Management.  Experienced Advisors can provide perspective on broad goals & objectives, infrastructure, risk avoidance and leadership which can substantially improve decisions, results, stability & valuation. DCG have decades of expertise which supplement existing executives & professional services advisors. Call for courtesy consult.
  •  BELIEF SUPERIORITY CAN LEAD POLITICALLY EXTREME PEOPLE TO BE ‘ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN’ about their political views, and thus more intolerant, prejudiced & inflexible toward those who disagree.” A recent study of some 3,000 Americans found only 12% being so-certain, of which 31% self-identified as ‘extremely Left-wing’ and 41% as ‘extremely Right-wing. Still, “depending on core values, intellectually charitable discussions between progressives and conservatives leave little room for compromise or legislative success… and communication is further stifled since (1) many also ‘hate’ those who disagree, perhaps seeing no possible route to the other side’s political conclusions other than moral aberrance or callous self-interest; (2) many identify as ‘socially liberal and economically conservative’ (or vice versa), with clusters of beliefs routed in preference for traditional values, social order, strict norm-enforcement (like religion/ law & order/ national security), competition, and/or economic self-interest (like taxes/ social safety net/ business regulations/ unions/ debt forgiveness), so seek to impose top-down constraints on personal freedoms.” Thus, no compromise is presently in sight.  [PSYCHE – 8/10/22]
  •  ANXIETY DISORDER (GAD) INVOLVES HAVING “INACCURATE EXPECTATIONS WITH FALSE WORRIES,” consistently increasing from  current economic/ social/ political conditions. A month-long study has revealed that “over 91% of worry predictions did not come true, and that the common percentage of untrue worries per person was 100%.”  [SCIENCE DIRECT]  Nonetheless, Anxiety is a “transformative human feature that can’t be escaped, but also an emotion which can actually be a useful source of creating, innovating and finding meaning… There’s nothing so certain in the human condition as uncertainty, and anxiety is simply the apprehension about uncertain future: something’s coming and it could be bad. But it also could be good.”  Other studies have found that simply perceiving anxiety as information rather than danger can: (1) Serve to energize innovation & creativity; (A Harvard study also found health benefits including lower blood pressure & heart rates with fewer signs of stress);  (2) Trigger dopamine which facilitates social connection to others.  Managing Anxiety, beyond benefits to oneself, has become another potentially critical factor in managing employees in today’s workplace for optimal efficiency & effectiveness. https://www.mckinsey.com/featured-insights/mckinsey-on-books/author-talks-make-anxiety-your-ally
  •  NOT A TODAY PROBLEM, BUT WOW!  Corrosive Massive Ejection’ (CME) events “could be expected to impact the earth within every 500 years, according to NASA; the last one was 163 years ago, when its magnetic field disrupted electric motors, circuitry and telegraphs… CMEs are triggered by eruptions on the sun, discharging radiation and energy particles which interrupt other magnetized electrical charges.” When triggered by a strong enough Solar Flare – which occur during the sun’s 11-year solar cycle, the next of which is calendared to peak before 2024 – and if a CME reaches lower levels of Earth’s atmosphere, “we’ll see explosions, fires, power-station blackouts impacting multistate regions or even worldwide, disrupting critical communication systems (radio/ shortwave/ satellite transmissions), and without electricity for an extended period of time, disrupting lifestyle as we know it… Theoretically, copper or other conductive materials can ‘ground’ the surges, and Early Warning Systems are being developed by the National Science Foundation, presumably in time to avoid bombing us back into the pre-technology stone ages.”  Just FYI.   [THOMAS FREY – FUTURISTSPEAKER – 8/11/22]

“Up to 75% of infectious diseases are derived from pathogens that started out in the animal kingdom. As the planet warms and humans encroach further into wildlife habitats, some 15,000 of those pathogens will eventually make the jump among 3,000 mammal species within the next five decades, in the most conservative warming scenario – one of the greatest dangers to humanity.”  [BLOOMBERG – 8/14/22]

 Wonder who REALLY owns equity control of every major industry around the world? Three institutions!  A quite amazing analysis: https://www.bitchute.com/video/MAyqmIA2UT28/

A particularly thought-provoking novel with an intriguing premise: a world when suddenly every person learns (if they wish to) exactly how long they will live, what they do with that knowledge, and the moral & political conundrums which evolve: THE MEASURE by Nikki Erlick.