• “PUTTING SOMETHING OFF DOESN’T MAKE IT GO AWAY. Procrastination lies between logic and emotion, between ambition and achievement… The more unpleasant a task, the more time spent thinking about it and less likely to broach it – a vicious circle. So, the easiest way to get things finished is to get going in the first place… Since the brain prefers concrete & discrete tasks to broad & abstract ones,” to optimize your efficiency: (1) Focus on just completing one piece at a time, rather than targeting a complete strategy – i.e., breaking a task down into achievable chunks; and (2) Remember that your ‘In Box’ (email or basket) is starting point for most work projects, not a processing station, so just click or take the document and go!” [ECONOMIST – 9/17/22]
  • UNEXPECTED BUSINESS EVENTS ARE ALWAYS GOING TO HAPPEN, so having a Crisis Management Plan is a critical factor in maintaining (often surviving) challenging times. “You can never be Crisis-Proof, but additional protection is for the business to be ‘Chaos-Ready… It’s not an individual person that causes Chaos, but rather the Team’s reactions to complete confusion & disorder, which stem from degree (or absence) of clarity and being ready for “what happens next’ …Chaos Readiness involves four steps: Anticipating potential events/ Clarifying expectations/ Planning for resources, skills & right people/ and Effective communication channels between departments & roles.” DCG can assist your next Strategic Planning sessions to incorporate this very important factor. [VISTA – 9/16/22] 
  • CALIFORNIA’S LEGISLATURE & GOVERNOR INTEND TO LEAD THE NATION IN ‘GREEN LAWS’ to combat climate change, having now passed forty Bills restricting industry, transportation & family homes. Objectives the Governor announced last week include 90% ‘clean’ energy by 2035, ‘carbon neutrality’ by 2045, cutting air pollution 60%, and reducing ‘consumption’ by 91% – although he did not explain how this would be achieved. The forty sets of Regulations relate to “everyday matters such as community air quality, electricity supply, vehicle permits/ registration/ tire fees, gas pricing, and standards for on-road vehicles, solid waste, bicycles, charging stations, transit buses, water rights, and providing zero-emission incentives.”  [EPOCH TIMES – 9/17/22] 
  • WHILE POLITICIANS BANTER ABOUT ‘BIG TECH’ CENSORSHIP, it will remain in full force through the campaigns for November’s election. From the speeches/ postings/ quotes of corporate executives: (1) Twitter’s ‘Civic Integrity Policy’ for the midterms will be “taking action against misleading claims about voting process or content that may undermine public confidence in election outcomes.” (Twitter was probably the single greatest source of 2020 election disinformation, including censorship of Hunter Laptop and every expert’s mention of biological distinctions between Men and Women); (2) Facebook will “be working with ‘fact-check censors,’ federal government partners, local & state election officials and industry peers… tracking hundreds of thousands of users & pages that could distribute potentially harmful content.” (Facebook is partially funded by the DNC and by the Chinese owner of TikTok). (3) TikTok will be “monitoring misinformation in over 45 languages, and will put detailed voter profiles in the hands of CCP party members under laws that allow the Chinese government data access.” (4) You Tube intends to “search for videos … to remove election content that violate policies misleading voters, or advancing certain types of misinformation including claim of widespread fraud, errors, glitches, or alleging that the 2020 election was stolen or rigged.” (5) Snapchat claims, at least, that it is “working to rectify the accidental data sharing in 2020 which gave such groups as Democratic National Committee and Senatorial Campaigns, Planned Parenthood, and Stacey Abrams access to voter data, enabling targeted ads to sway voters.” Big Tech unquestionably will control the information flow which materially impact this election.  [FEDERALIST – 9/20/22]

Most inner-city murders start with trivial arguments, often between men who know each other or a small number of local people, over some ‘disrespect’ or long-standing argument. Studies have found this in 25% of Milwaukee homicides, just 800 people accounting for at least 20% of New York City violent crime, and 77% due to ‘altercations’ and a third of shootings in just 5% of Chicago neighborhoods.

 Important and interesting perspective on major blind spots in the ‘green energy’ transition: the degree of minerals procurement& production to replace fossil fuel safely, economically, geographically, socially and politically. Climate Safe future for human civilization is doomed without process for peaceful globalization. https://youtu.be/za6dE5JrNB0

Unisex names which are now roughly 50% each for boys & girls in the U.S. are Dakota, Finley, Jackie, Justice, Kasey, Sidney, Tommie.