• LEADERSHIP IS “A SET OF BEHAVIORS WHICH HELP TEAMS align their collective direction, to execute strategic plans. It’s about guiding and impacting outcomes, enabling groups to work together to accomplish objectives.” Leadership is beyond Management providing “technical expertise & direction in a command-and-control organization… A global survey of 200,000 people concluded that nearly 90% of Leadership Effectiveness stems from a few key behaviors: “being supportive, seeking different perspectives, focusing on results, and solving problems… Leaders today are focusing on building agile, human-centered, and digitally-enabled organizations able to thrive in an unprecedented environment, and making the tasks & lives of their team members easier – physically, cognitively & emotionally – to enhance satisfaction as well as performance.” Call DCG for courtesy consultation in solidifying strategic direction.  [McKINSEY – 8/17/22]
  • LAST MONTH’S DESPERATE CALIFORNIA POWER-GRID MESSAGES, pleading residents to turn off appliances,’ turn down air conditioning, and not charge electric vehicles, was led by Governor Newsom based on false claims of “unprecedented” temperatures (despite the last comparable heat wave in 1988)… There has been no long-term increase in heatwave frequency or severity in the U.S. over the last century, while deaths from heatwaves have also fallen significantly.” The real cause for overloaded power grid requiring periodic shutdowns is that sources of reliable electricity like gas-burning power stations and nuclear power have been undermined by the Green Agenda climate-change cult, and no realistic plan for resolution is being considered.  [VANDEMANCO – 10/2/22]
  • IRRESPECTIVE OF NUMEROUS WELL-DOCUMENTED STUDIES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD that prove alternative treatments, it is now a crime for doctors in California to “disseminate any information to patients that is anti-vaccine or covid-19, or disinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Any treatment or protocol other than as approved by CDC is now deemed ‘unprofessional conduct,’ with punishment allowed by the California State Medical Board.” [AB 2098 signed into law by Governor Newsom].
  • “POSTPARTUM CHANGES IN BRAIN SIZE PREDICTS HOW ATTACHED A NEW MOTHER FEELS toward her child, and the absence or otherwise hostility to it.” A study just published in Cerebral Cortex now suggests that magnetic-resonance imaging (MRI) scans show “brain volume of new fathers also shrinks after the birth of their child, in areas of the cortex associated with daydreaming, mind wandering, and thinking about self & others, which partly mimics changes in brains from first-time mothers… While a small study, this is a rare example of a mammal in which fathers as well as mothers nurture offspring.” [ECONOMIST – 10/1/22]

Crime in San Francisco is at an all-time high, from largely abandoned police protection and zero-bail-release policies. Latest San Francisco Chronicle poll reports that “nearly half of respondents said they were victims of theft in the last five years… and roughly a quarter were physically attacked or threatened.”

 “One of the world’s largest open-access Journal publishers has already retracted over five-hundred scientific Papers, based on discovery of substantial irregularities, suspicious & unethical activities, and manipulation of its peer-review process.” Journals cover multiple disciplines including Nanotechnology, Infectious Diseases, Medical Microbiology, Agriculture.

A $290 million federal contract to manufacture & stockpile drugs for “radiological and nuclear emergencies” was announced this week by Dep’t of Health and Human Resources.