• WITH EMPLOYEE RETENTION INCREASINGLY BECOMING A MAJOR IMPEDIMENT to business efficiency, profitability and stability, effective leadership can be even more important these days than compensation. Critical employees now expect and demand: (1) Challenging projects with opportunities to improve their skills; (2) Knowing the business goals and how they fit in; (3) Planning their own work versus having the ‘process’ dictated; (4) Receiving regular feedback on performance, with appreciation for their commitment; (5) Having a realistic workload to maintain reasonable life balance and avoid ‘burnout’; (6) Being spoken to respectfully from leaders who don’t use them as objects to vent stress at.  DCG are expert at developing optimal personnel Culture without adversely impacting productivity & profitability. Call us for courtesy consult.
  • “THE CHAOTIC & OVERBEARING PANDEMIC RESPONSE caused great harm to many people and ruined lives, but plenty of D.C. Insiders made out like bandits… Before the general public was even aware of the threat, numerous stock trades at top prices were made by some 240 officials & employees of federal Agencies and the Pentagon – including Health & Human Services/ CDC/ NIH Allergy & Infectious Diseases/ Transportation/ Treasury/ and families of legislators… It’s hard to believe that laws against unethical insider trades (including that ‘Federal employees not allowed to work on issues where they have financial stake’) were followed; otherwise, you’d have to believe that a whole lot of folks, coincidentally employed in areas related to manufacturing & biotechnology sectors (like Pfizer hauling in over $50 billion in vaccine & treatment revenues in 2022 alone) just got lucky with their trading, all at the same time.” [WALL ST. JRNL – 10/19 and RED STATE – 10/20/22]
  • NEARLY 60% OF AMERICANS ARE DISSATISFIED WITH QUALITY OF THE NATION’S K-12 SCHOOLING curriculum or teaching methods, according to latest Gallup Poll, generally feeling that “we’ve become complacent as a society, giving schools blanket trust without paying attention, while liberal-leaning thinkers were able to slip radical left-wing talking points into school lessons… The reaction has now been an explosion of culture-war laws enacted across half the country – 25 states with 42% of the population – limiting & restricting instruction on race/ racism/ history/ gender identity/ sexuality/ LGBTQ issues, with enforcement left up to state education agencies and local school districts… Whether through these laws or a classroom chilling effect or both, we’re going to have a very different approach to education in this country in a very short amount of time.” [WASHINGTON POST – 10/18/22]
  • “THE SAME DOOMSDAYERS OF THE 1970s WHO PEDALLED EXISTENTIAL THREATS from a Population Bomb, a coming from Earth-cooled Ice Age, and running out of energy, food & farmland, are today’s ‘experts’ about the ‘certainty’ of catastrophic climate warming, …their ‘scientific consensus’ unilaterally declared by leftist-liberals, with skeptics or doubters (including global wide scientists & meteorologists) denounced as ‘science deniers,’ stripped of credentials, and muzzled by speech police” – politicians & career bureaucrats supported by media & social media leaders – essentially an “updated version of the Flat Earth Societies in the Middle Ages that would imprison those who dared question that the earth was flat or Papal Orthodoxy… If speech restrictions are upheld by the Courts (latest being new California law that will revoke a physician’s medical license for conveying ‘misinformation – i.e. deviation from their positions about covid or abortion – we can toss the 1st Amendment into the dustbin of history.” [TOWNHALL – 10/18/22]

Know the difference between Ignorance and Apathy?  Don’t Know. Don’t Care.

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