• IRS CONCERN UPDATE: The much-reported federal budget to hire 87,000 new Audit Agents carrying firearms is bogus; That is the estimated cost of replacement employees (staffing attrition from retirement, etc.) at all levels over the next decade, including operations support, taxpayer services, and also ‘business systems modernization.’ Currently, of some 80K full-time-equivalent positions, some 17K are Revenue Agents and Tax Examiners, performing audits of tax returns on roughly 1% of all individual returns filed with annual income below $500K. These employees do not carry firearms or have arrest authority, however another couple thousand Special Agents are Law Enforcement Officers who do carry guns when investigating potential criminal activities relating to both legal & illegal income sources, like money laundering/ drug trafficking/ terrorism financing/ and political corruption. [MARCUM – 9/28/22]
  • A ‘DIGITAL ASSET’ can be anything that is stored digitally, uniquely identifiable, and can be used to realize value – an online bank statement/ credit card/ financial account/ word processed doc/ email/ even text message. Last spring, an Executive Order of the President (14067) “set the stage for legal government surveillance of all U.S. citizens, ability to track & take control over bank accounts & purchases, and ability to accordingly silence dissenting voices… Effectively, the U.S. dollar could be made obsolete, because every Digital Dollar would be programmed by the government… Reportedly, more than half the world’s countries and nearly 90% of central banks are now testing or exploring a digital currency; China & Russia have already launched trackable pilot programs; and U.S. trials are already underway… The Fed Reserve of New York is currently ‘partnering’ with commercial banks (Mastercard/ Wells Fargo/ Citigroup/ HSBC/ PNC/ U.S. Bancorp/ etc.) on “shared multi-entity blockchain distributed ledger, to explore the feasibility of an interoperable network of central bank wholesale and commercial digital money – i.e. programmable U.S. dollars – to support new business models and provide a foundation to much-needed innovations in financial settlements & infrastructure.” An Executive Order is not binding law on businesses or citizens (other than Executive Branch employees), but is a dangerous development.  [PRO.PARADIGM – 11/15 and RED STATE – 11/16/22]
  • “IT’S BECOME INCREASINGLY DIFFICULT TO TELL WHERE THE PRIVATE SECTOR ENDS AND GOVERNMENT BEGINS. A new power structure that often works in collaboration, while superseding national laws (like law enforcement, censorship, warrantless surveillance) is known by the acronym ‘Environmental, Social, Governance’ prioritizes an aggressive left-wing agenda to fulfill human and societal aspirations as part of the broader social system,” above obligations for national sovereignty, security, citizen welfare, or corporate leadership obligations to generate return for investors. Ranging from fossil fuel transition to diversity training, gun control, racial quotas, and putting advocates in leadership & Board positions, the priorities of more than 500 of the world’s largest corporations – including banking/ insurance/ asset management / tech/ media/ energy/ manufacturing/ transportation – have adopted premises: “(1) that the American Dream was ‘fraying’; (2) thus requiring focus on ‘higher political & moral issues’; (3) effectively becoming political agents for left-wing causes… Led by BlackRock, Vanguard & State Street (which together control of $20 Trillion assets and 80% of Wall Street’s S&P 500), priorities now dictate “modernized principles to reflect the business community’s unwavering commitment to push for an economy that serves all Americans.” [EPOCH TIMES – 11/13/22]
  • WHAT THE 2022 ELECTION HAS CLEARLY DEMONSTRATED is evidence of ‘Gaming The System’ by consortiums of people & organizations (politicians/ bureaucrats/ media/ education/ ‘not for profit’/ Big Tech) “who are willing to do whatever they can,” for personal gain and ongoing power “to bring about the downfall of American culture and society. To suggest otherwise is to say that our nation is comprised primarily by a majority of Americans who knowledgeably want to cast their votes for: high inflation, higher taxation, rampant crime without accountability or punishment, open (essentially without) borders, illegal immigrants eligible to vote in local elections/ sex trafficking of minors, “altering history to promote ideologically-based Critical Race Theory, altering gender of children,” censoring of speech, weaponized enforcement of laws & regulations dictated by corrupt bureaucracy ‘for thee, not me.’ “Did the midterms leave anyone else feeling like a storm is brewing our way?” [TOWNHALL – 11/14/22]

 Weight-lifter note: Lengthening muscle contraction, i.e. by just lowering weights, can achieve better results than lifting and holding a weight, if performed as little as 3 seconds for five days a week. An Australian university study, published in European Journal of Applied Physiology, found that just lowering weight (versus dumbbell curling) boosted muscle thickness by 7.2% over a 5-week period.  [FUTURISM – 11/14/22]

It turns out that the January 6 ‘Conspiracy’ was actually true – but orchestrated by the FBI, instead of right-wing extremists. Based on Court filings last week, previously withheld from prosecutors, “as many as eight ‘inside informants’ provided info to FBI over the months surrounding the event, confirming that either: (1) no Plan for insurrection existed and the action was spontaneous; or (2) that if a riot was planned, FBI knew about it and did nothing to stop it, instead letting it play out for political reasons.” Wow, who’d’ of thunk?  [RED STATE]

Why teenagers are God’s revenge!  https://biggeekdad.com/2019/12/gods-revenge/