• BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY WAS INVENTED OVER A DOZEN YEARS AGO, allowing a network of computers to make transactions transparent and (in theory) trustworthy, enabling “arrangements that would be expensive or impractical to enforce in the real world, as well as efficient decentralized versions of mainstream financial functions” and development of the Cryptocurrency sector. What also evolved however were “vast quantities of money, time, talent & energy also building what amount to Virtual Casinos,” driven by big personalities, rampant speculation, incestuous loans, and political involvement which have resulted in scams and other illegalities – the latest being FTX exchange, valued two years ago around $32 billion, which just collapsed literally overnight, “leaving a trail of furious creditors, dozens of crypto firms, and a proliferation of regulatory & criminal probes, now impacting the entire industry’s reputation, and reducing its valuation by two-thirds.” Regulation is certainly now likely. [ECONOMIST – 11/19/22]
  • “TRAGIC DESPAIR NOW SURROUNDS MOST MAJOR AMERICAN CITIES, IN THE MIDST OF A RAPID CIVILIZATION COLLAPSE… There is no better representation of why Americans have lost faith in governing institutions than being forced to walk through homeless encampments to get to work or school, frequently harassed by mentally ill homeless people, exposed to their drugs & often feces, and knowing that illegal aliens are filling up 5-star hotels while citizens sleep on the streets or in tent cities… The border crisis – intentionally self-induced by federal administration and supported by local Sanctuary policies – has so far allowed roughly 5.5 million foreigners to divert scarce resources (food, legal services, shelter, clothing) that the vast majority of Americans can’t afford… abandoning constitutional responsibilities and dispensing with even the pretense that elected officials are supposed to represent interests of the American people first… It’s hard to describe our border as anything other than a sick joke.” [TOWNHALL – 11/17/22]
  • SAN FRANCISCO’S NEWEST PROGRAM (GIFT), announced this week, is to “help address financial insecurity in the discriminated trans community: $1,200 monthly for up to 18 months, plus gender-affirming medical & mental health care, financial consulting & case management… Eligible gender description allows nearly a hundred choices, including: Trans/ Masculine or Feminine-of-Center/ Demiboy or girl/ T-boy or girl/ Agender/ Intergender/ Butch/ Boi/ Neutrois/ Graygender/ Gender-Creative/ Gender Outlaw/ Muxe/ Chibados/ Tida Wena/ Chuckchi/ Travesti/ Genderf**k/ and, perhaps most perplexing, Not Listed.” [RED STATE – 11/18/22]
  • IMPACTS OF NEW LOS ANGELES CITY TAX: HHS – the “Homelessness & Housing Solutions” tax just approved by voters (measure ULA) – is an incremental ‘transfer’ tax on sales of real property above $5M after March, 2023.  The tax is measured on Gross Value (i.e. irrespective of debt) at 4% when below $10M, and 5.5% when above $10M.  Without defining how or when this revenue will be utilized to ”increase affordable housing in the city,” and in addition to existing city and county Transfer Taxes of .56% (based on Net Value, after continuing debt assumed), ULA is yet another disincentive for people & companies to locate in Los Angeles.

“With few exceptions, most people live their lives without considering where humans came from, so they have very little perspective about why we’re here on Earth, let alone our purpose and direction in the short time we’re here.” A fascinating article: https://futuristspeaker.com/futurist-thomas-frey-insights/we-didnt-arrive-here-by-accident/

“In all of mankind’s history, there has never been more damage done than by people who thought they were doing the right thing.”  [Charles Schultz, thru Lucy]

Bill Maher’s take on the United States of dumb America; and the stupidity of political ads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dMOfwUP0F0