• BUSINESS PROFITABILITY, STABILITY AND VALUATION are always impacted by operational efficiency, productivity, quality, and by effectiveness in delivering services or product. Optimizing these ‘mission critical elements involve coordination, typically monitored through manual processes which measure marketing/ sales/ accounting/ finance activities by teams which utilize different systems of software & spreadsheets that are often burdensome, requiring data re-entry and usurping productivity. The unified mechanism to control “end-to-end life cycle of selling to and servicing customers, starting from marketing & lead generation and progressing through order management, billing, through sales fulfillment and final payment is called ‘lead-to-cash’ process.” Call DCG for courtesy consultation in application to any size business. [ARMININO – 6/16/22]
  • ‘BALLOT HARVESTING,’ LEGAL IN HALF THE STATES INCLUDING CALIFORNIA, allows any ballot to be marked in unknown circumstances, collected by 3rd parties and delivered to election offices, including vote-by-mail envelopes with unrequested ballots inside, and no questions asked or verified auditable records kept. While the Harvester “is not supposed to be a relative or anyone connected with a political campaign, ‘help’ a voter fill out the ballot, encourage a particular candidate, or obviously pay for a blank ballot, the system effectively allows for large-scale vote buying/ voter coercion/ ‘granny farming/ and/or automated forgery… Moreover, since there is literally no mechanism for chain of custody once a ballot leaves the voter’s hands, there is no consequence for shenanigans… How surprising that Americans are concerned with the integrity of our elections.” [RED STATE – 11/15/22]
  • NEXT ‘REALITY’ WORLD IS ON THE WAY. Virtual Reality (VR) “is like wearing a digital blindfold—it blots out the real world and immerses you in an alternative, computer-generated reality. Augmented reality (AR), by contrast, superimposes computer-generated elements onto your view of the real world. Mixed reality (MR or XR) goes a step further by allowing Real and Virtual items to interact. For example, playing a game of table tennis in which the paddles are real, but the ball is computer generated. It is also a less clunky term than augmented reality, and more likely to catch on. Apple will have the first AR/VR/XR headset.” [ECONOMIST – 11/14/22] 
  • WOKENESS UPDATE: “The longer the woke Left controls education, the further behind the U.S. will fall across the academic spectrum.” Latest is the dropped requirement for law school applicants “to take and pass the LSAT, or any other valid & reliable admission test, to help Diversity.” The  15 lawyers/ professors/ administrators who comprise the Accrediting Council of American Bar Ass’n (ABA) just voted to abandon that process effective 2025… effectively ignoring that top notch law students can be any race, and that tis would likely result in admission of some students who are unprepared to succeed, thus actually increasing disparities by increasing influence of bias in the review process… Why not just apply that illogical logic to all professions (including neurosurgery/ chemistry/ Astrophysics)? What could possibly go wrong?”  [ RED STATE 11/19/22]

Thanksgiving is an excuse to consider our fortune of the simple & little things in life which are often the most important, since we tend to take so many modern-day luxuries (like electricity, clean water & abundant food supply) for granted, and a reminder to be appreciative & thankful for what we DO have as Americans.   https://biggeekdad.com/2016/07/thankful-little-things-life/

 The key signs of a scam: Unsolicited call or email; Urgent need for immediate money; the ask for personal info; or email from a known friend or contact, but with a different (especially ‘weird’) reply address.

 It appears that American politics has entered a New Age. “All that has gone before – polls/ historical trends/ message/ issues/ candidate quality/ traditional get-out-the-vote efforts/ debates/ voter persuasion – is extremely insignificant. The thing that truly mattered in the 2020 & 2022 election cycles were a ‘ballots in, ballots counted’ machine… This is the modern-day political battlefield, with rules of the game being: early & mail-in-voting, and absentee ballot chasing (Harvesting, where legal) before Election Day.”  [AMERICAN GREATNESS]