• THE NEWEST PHISHING & FRAUD SCAM IS PAYPAL MONEY REQUEST. The message is something like: ‘We’ve detected so fraudulent activities with your account. If you did not make this transaction, please call us as soon as possible at xxx-xxxxxx to cancel and claim a refund, or you will be charged $xxx today, during our service hours are xxx.’ This attack is multi-pronged: (1) Using a countdown-clock to panic you into clicking; (2) Possibly a ‘one ring scam’ which connects the call to an international number with charge for simply connecting; (3) Giving scammers your phone # and/or personal info – to scammers pretending to be Pay Pal’s fraud department; (4) facilitating sale of your phone and/or personal data to other scammers & criminals. What to do, always: Don’t click on suspicious messages or dial numbers you can’t very independently. [ZD NET – 12/2/22]
  • “THIS HOLIDAY TIME OF YEAR, FOR MANY, ADDS GREAT PRESSURE, which can lead to procrastination, negativity, and self-defeating behavior including poor sleep/ poor eating choices/ anger/ low energy/ and feeling abused/ stressed/ overwhelmed/ anxious/ even out of control. It’s not what happens in life that matters most, but how we view and react to it that either gives us power or diminishes that power… about moving forward with purpose & passion, and setting higher goals when things get dicey, not lowering expectations… If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. Thoughtful action is necessary to break existing patterns of behavior and results.” [BARRY EISEN – DEVELOPMENTAL EXCELERATIONS]
  • THE CORONOVIRUS ORIGINATION STORY LINE (i.e., from bat-infested Wuhan Market meat) has now been torpedoed, most recently by Senate Committee and World Health Org findings that the virus most likely resulted from a “catastrophic accident associated with research and engineering at Wuhan Institute of Virology, funded by NIH through ECO Health Alliance.” A book now authored by ECO’s former V.P., an expert in bioterrorism & bio warfare who worked on the classified research side of the program, and now a ‘whistleblower,’ contends that CCD and Dr. Fauci (who shares Patent royalties) have “orchestrated a psychological operation to Cover Up responsibility — which is the biggest U.S. intelligence failure since 9/11… Meanwhile, the majority of U.S. covid deaths are now from Vaccinated people, a result of increasingly contagious strains of the virus spreading to elderly and immuno-compromised people.” [LBN EXAMINER – 12/4, RED STATE – 12/3/22]
  • EMPLOYER REMINDER: EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, new California law requires (1) Pay Scale Disclosure in Job Postings, for every company with over 15 employees; and (2) Providing existing employees with pay scale for their position, upon reasonable request. Failing to meet Statute requirements carries penalties of up to $10,000 per violation. The Statute (SB1162) also requires woke diversity reporting “to identify patterns of wage disparity,” involving breakdown by employee of race/ethnicity/sex in ten job ‘pay band’ categories, including hours worked and rates.

“The convergence of artificial intelligence, sensors, material science, high bandwidth communications, and edge computing have enabled Robots… that will soon operate like human beings with legs/ arms/ fingers/ opposable thumbs, allowing them to navigate and interact with the anthropomorphic world around us… doing basically anything humans don’t want to do, with nearly unlimited utility, fulfilling up to 126% of the Labor gap and as much as 53% of the elderly caregiver app.”  [PETER DIAMANTIS]

“The virus in American society is Government. Absent intervention, it will, like any disease, eventually kill the host organism. The problem is not that electorate may choose badly, but that absolute power will not admit of any change at all. When weakened, the body politic, like the physical body, is subject to opportunistic infections. And six years of anti-Trump hysteria, race-baiting, engineered economic disaster, and riots subjected the American body politic to threats (to the Constitution, to religion, to reason) a healthy organism might have shrugged off. Parasites derive their life from the host organism, which, unchecked, they will eventually kill. This is the avowed historic mission of Marxism.”  [DAVID MAMET – RECESSIONAL]

A fascinating perspective on the tiny tiny piece of the universe which our planet occupies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fKBhvDjuy0&t=523s

California Tourism Board pilot promo?  Funny but so sad.   https://youtu.be/30NVpgAINsA