• AS IF EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT WEREN’T TOUGH ENOUGH IN TODAY’S ENVIRONMENT, numerous laboratory studies of laypersons and professional factfinders (like investigators, court judges, psychiatrists) concur that “on average, people are not able to tell lies from truths based on how others talk or behave.” Despite countless lie-detection tutorials on YouTube or peddled as consulting courses, employers are very often deceived by resume or interview misrepresentation and flat-out lying from job candidates. The only “reliable procedure based on common sense is to simply find out what the person says that does not ‘fit’ with other facts,” based on background checking which absolutely includes discussion with former employers and references. In today’s liability-conscious environment, these people are typically wary of discussing negative aspects, but DCG have decades of experience in developing effective techniques which can facilitate realistic evaluation of employee potential, to save time & money in the recruitment process. Let us help.  [PSYCHE – 1/18/23]
  • SOME 10% OF WESTERN ADULTS TAKE ANTIDEPRESSANTS, BUT “EVIDENCE OF THEIR UTILITY IS UNDERWHELMING. For most, studies find them only slightly more effective than a placebo, and often inducing dependency or inflicting unwelcome side effects.” Trials of FDA-approved antidepressants over two decades, as reported in published journals, found 73% as “yielding substantial evidence of effectiveness… However, that only represented two-thirds of trials; another third unpublished paint a much grimmer picture.’ The British Medical Journal now reports that “new studies show patient responses varying widely, with only an estimated 15% providing large benefits independent of the placebo effect. So, doctors prescribing antidepressants are doing so under a trial-and-error approach.”  [ECONOMIST – 1/14/23]
  • THE ANNUAL WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM (WEF) which assembled in Davos, Switzerland this week, was comprised of over 2,000 political/ corporate/ organization leaders and activists from around the globe, “elites who come with basically a vision that they run everything and everybody else is just a serf… Their focus was ‘Year of the Polycrisis’ – economic/ environmental/ social/ political crises converging & conflating, creating an extremely versatile and uncertain future…to set policy regarding the Human Capital Agenda: doubling down on transition to renewable energy, codification of environmental, social & governance standards to make compliance more measurable for social & green jobs, diversity, equity & inclusion… Their perspective is that the top four most severe risks over the next ten years are all environmental.” These are the folks who traveled to Davos this week on over 1,000 private aircraft – “putting out four times more CO2 emissions than during an during an average week, roughly the same as 350K autos and fifty times more than high speed rail.”  [EPOCH TIMES and RED STATE – 1/16/23]
  • WOKEISM CONTINUES TO RUN AMOK AT AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES:  At USC – the word “field” being banned because it is racist, as the term may have connotations for descendants of slavery and immigrant workers.  At Hamlin University in Minnesota – where a professor lecturing on Islamic art was fired, for showing the sociology class a 14th-Century picture of Muhammad (Muslims are apparently not allowed to view).  At Princeton – where activists are petitioning to remove a statue honoring a former college president who was influential in the American Revolution, but owned slaves. At Penn State – where a sociology professor is lecturing that humans are “all at some level Binary, challenging straight students to watch gay or lesbian porn to discover a new side to their sexuality.”  And Stanford’s latest list of verboten words: basket case/ blind study/ handicapped/ lame/ brave/ mankind/ manpower/ senile/ you guys/ abort/ Hispanic/ victim/ master/ rule of thumb/ disabled/ submit. Yearly tuition alone, to learn this at top schools, is now around $60K.  [VANDEMANCO and LBN EXAMINER – 1/15/23]

A brilliant 9-minute presentation to millennials at the Oxford Union debate on “wokeness,” the undermining of global societies, and the irrelevance of Climate Change to our survival: https://www.nationalreview.com/news/british-comedian-lays-waste-to-climate-activists-in-raucous-oxford-union-debate/    Absolutely worth viewing!!

 How committed are globalists to destroying America? Beyond support for terrorists, propaganda campaigns, and pandering to Communist and anti-Semitic countries, United Nations committees have allocated another $450M this year (after $518M in 2022) for ‘Migrant Advocate’ organizations  which provide funding to “those paused outside their home countries, and contemplating journeys or actually moving already, along the migrant trails in countries from South America thru America & Mexico.” The U.S., of course, provides substantial funding for these U.N. Committees via its High Commissioner for Refugees and Int’l Organization for Migration.

Re: the Biden ‘Top Secret files’ media diversion – https://www.realclearpolitics.com/2023/01/17/why_have_the_biden_papers_surfaced–amp_to_what_end_589279.html?utm_source=rcp-today&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mailchimp-newsletter&mc_cid=9488677419&mc_eid=afc66dfbec