• TOUGH GETTING THE ATTENTION OF DISTRACTED PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY CHATTY FRIENDS AND BUSY EXECS? A few strategies: (1) Start with a strong opening line which focuses on the point you wish to present; with bosses, that’s generally related to revenues or profitability; (2) Anticipate their immediately reactive questions, and have already concisely integrated the answer into your opening; (3) Avoid negativity or blame-shifting, regardless of the issue; (4) Leave ‘details’ for subsequent sentences or follow-up discussion if/once you have their attention. Call DCG for courtesy consultation in optimally effective communication.
  •  WHILE ONLY 6% OF NEW CARS SOLD CURRENTLY ARE ELECTRIC VEHICLES (although 33% in California), and some polls claim that half of Americans ‘prefer’ an EV over a traditional car, U.S. automakers have “virtue-signaled that they intend to stop making & assembling gas engine cars in the next few years… However, while corporate brass think this makes them good global citizens in the fight against global warming, …as the woke green energy fad fades in to the sunset, as it almost assuredly will, and auto companies see their sales crash, they’ll likely expect to be bailed out again by U.S. taxpayers… Meanwhile, one average motorist opting to give up all car travel for a year only sends as much carbon into the atmosphere as a single round-trip coast-to-coast air flight, according to Swedish scientists.” [WASHINGTON EXAMINER -1/10/23]
  •  “POOR SLEEP INFILTRATES OUR DECISIONS, HEALTH, MOOD SWINGS, as well as fatigue, weight gain, stress, brain fog, and failing memory.” Latest tips on behavior which can improve sleep include: (1) Avoid eating/ caffeine/ sugars/ aerobic exercise/ excessive liquids for two hours before bedtime; (2) Try for consistency in bedtime and wakeup; (3) Keep room darker & cooler; (4) Avoid electronic tools, toys, flickering lights an hour before, with clock facing away; (5) Wear socks to sleep; (6) Keep pets off bedding to avid dander/ dust/ pollen; (7) According to a Stanford study, also “being outside within two hours of sunset allows the sun’s blue rays to set body circadian rhythms with natural sleep times.” [DEVELOPMENTAL EXCELERATIONS – 1/30/23]
  • THE PROMISE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ranges from “altering every facet of human existence for the good, to Stephan Hawking’s belief that superior cognition could spell the end of the human race.” Since AI is the product of human culture, focus is increasing (some 800 articles in the last few years) with regard to the ‘Ethical AI’ Movement, effectively “Wokeness having become political correctness gone mad… Concern with the pitiless efficiency of machines which, unless specifically programmed, ignore the ‘fairness’ and ‘equity’ discourse in today’s national conversation… about optimization of business/financial decisions/ the world of lending/ medical diagnostics/ safety protocols/ etc. (E.g., Should driverless vehicle protections prioritize owners versus lives of passengers versus pedestrians? Should they reflect anti-racist values or redress historical wrongs?) …The most likely outcome of Ethical AI debate may be paralysis, merely exacerbating current divisions, pitting wokeness against reality in the clash of civilizations that matters.” [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 1/10/23]

 Over 18 million Stimulus payments – renamed ‘Middle Class Tax Refund’ – have now been paid to California tax filers with 2020 Adjusted Gross Income up to $500,000, in amounts up to $1,050.  Seven other states are also continuing stimulus payments, but none classifying Middle Class at such a high level, or paying as much from state funds.  Meanwhile, the top 1% of California taxpayers have an income level above $805,000 and are taxed at a rate of around 27.8%. The top 5% earn above $318,000 with a tax rate of 23.6%.  [SMARTASSET- 2023 STUDY]

 Wokeness does have karmic impacts. A Virginia family is seeking a refund of over $50 million (based on 132 years of compounded interest) from the Richmond School of Law, after its name was changed from T.C. Williams School of Law – on the basis that its Founder/ Trustee/ Benefactor was racist, according to “tax records which show that his successful tobacco business owned 25 – 40 slaves, among its thousands of workers in the 1800s.” His heirs contend that it is a “form of fraud to induce money from a benefactor, and then discredit after he is long dead.”  [RED STATE]

       ‘Mass Formation’ is the explanation of how smart people allow and support really stupid public policy, how manipulation of the masses leads to totalitarian states, and explains, sadly, why today’s society is destined for history. A brilliant and understandable presentation:  https://rumble.com/v1ja623-mattias-desmet-and-tucker-carlson-discuss-mass-formation-complete-interview.html