• IN THE NEAR FUTURE, “THE DOCTOR-PATIENT RELATIONSHIP IS LIKELY TO CHANGE DRAMATICALLY” as utilization of artificial intelligence is exploding. While human interaction is today considered critical in most facets of medicine, software is in development which will allow ‘Alexa-esque’ devices to: (1) Enroll patient info and retrieve their details from past electronic health records; (2) Read medical scans & tissue samples; (3) Compare with records of multiple other patients’ characteristics/ symptoms/ treatments/ outcomes (ignoring current privacy-protections); and (4) Analyze patterns to diagnose and predict optimally effective drugs, surgeries, etc. Since U.S. medical care is typically based on a fee-for-service model, conflict is predictable among parties who “contribute to the value chain in healthcare if/when A.I. becomes a substitute rather than complement to doctors, nurses, drug & insurance companies” – especially if the central role of medical professionals becomes less valued and wages sink further.  [KELLOGG INSIGHT – 2/1/23]
  •  WHY HAVE MAJOR COMPANIES IN CORPORATE AMERICA BEEN SO “STUPIDLY, BLINDINGLY WOKE, when there is no evidence that execs or the broader public have signed on, or that they can outperform their un-woke competitors? The answer seems to be ‘middle managers’ – particularly Human Resource managers who possess the ability, opportunity & motivation to push companies toward Diversity/ Equity/ Inclusion initiatives which expand their authority and entrench their power. Chief Executives may be incentivized to go along with woke policies because: (1) They don’t have expertise to push back; (2) It’s safer from criticism than opposing; (3) the woke agenda has no direct connection to business performance; (4) They can easily inflate claims of their own performance by implement & claiming to have met woke standards… Signs that sanity may be returning are recent Big Tech laying off thousands of DEI-hired employees, after recognition of risk to creativity and productivity by having driven out skilled workers with divisive views.”    MEANWHILE, FEDERAL POLICIES HAVE DOUBLED DOWN, WITH “THE GOAL OF DEI TO MAKE EVERY ISSUE A RACIAL PROBLEM.” Beyond just massive wastes of time & money, lawsuits lining up, since “the entire premise – that one must discriminate based on race, supposedly for the sake of ‘fairness,’ since white people are inherently & irredeemably racist – is directly contrary to consistently court-upheld laws that forbid the federal government from discriminating on race. “A rule of thumb: Whenever ‘equity’ and not ‘equality’ is being discussed, you can expect deliberate racial discrimination thanks to increasingly slavish adherence to demands of labor unions… and destructive ideological restraints” all part of the power grab.  [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 2/21 and 28/23]
  •  “THE USUAL METHOD FOR HUMANS TO END A COUNTRY’S INTERNAL WARS OVER DOMESTIC CONFLICT has always been with ceaseless guerilla warfare and total humiliation of the defeated. America is different, having dealt with losers of two major internal conflicts (Native American Indians and Civil War Confederates) by honoring their courage and nobility… Until the sublimely ignorant Wokeness Movement, commitment to different culture & cause has been respectfully named in their honor:”  Sports teams – Braves/ Red Skins/ Indians; Helicopters – Apache/ Comanche; Military forts – Benning/ Bragg/ Hood/ Lee/ etc;  Entertainment – Lynyrd Skynyrd/ Dukes of Hazzard; and so forth.  It’s shameful that so many in today’s culture “go around whining that maybe I’d have more ‘generational wealth’ or higher SAT scores if only we took down statues of Sitting Bull and Robert E. Lee.”  [TOWNHALL – 2/23/23]

If awards were given to countries for Global criminality, the winner last year would be North Korea, from forging foreign currency, selling narcotics & arms, committing insurance fraud, and by stealing a world record of some $1.7 billion cryptocurrency (including one single $600 billion theft). Stolen loot gets laundered via front companies and embassies abroad, via large digital pools & crypto-wallets which obscure identity while being converted into hard cash utilized for purposes including procurement of the ninety-five cruise & ballistic missiles it launched last year.  [ECONOMIST]

Chatbots are prediction machines which, by analyzing the patterns in mega-million quantities of data including books and the entire internet, and based on algorithms to simply follow programmed instructions, they predict what a human would most likely say in any specified situation. The end result is often an uncannily realistic simulation of human conversation – essentially a glorified version of the autocomplete feature on a smartphone.  [BBC.COM – 2/24/23]

“The media’s ideologically motivated hyperfocus on gun crimes (combining suicides, accidents & criminal homicides), along with politicizing of every shooting, have programmed science-loving liberals to overestimate the dangers of guns.” Reality is that around 20K Americans died from guns not used in suicides, versus over five times that number from drug overdoses, while polls consistently rank guns as the biggest threat to public health. [FEDERALIST]