• EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP STEMS FROM AUTHENTICITY, TRANSPARENCY AND INTEGRITY, demonstrated consistently by an organization’s leaders whose actions resonate with their words, and reflecting congruency between values & behavior – i.e. company culture… Leaders who develop a management persona that does not align with out-of-office behavior are typically perceived as insincere, which in turn arouses suspicion, strains the relationship, ad puts leaders out of alignment with the team.” [FORBES – 4/3/23]  DCG can assist Leaders in minimizing this risk to efficiency, employee retention, productivity, profitability & stability. Call us for courtesy consult.
  • WHILE THE ADMINISTRATION KEEPS INSISTING THAT ITS ECONOMIC POLICIES ARE PROVIDING “REMAKABLE RESULTS,” the monthly average private bankruptcy filings are today 75% higher than three years ago (according to UBS Evidence Lab), and likely to worsen as repercussions of the banking crisis manifest. Over 31,000 filings in February alone were 20% higher than one year ago, and the administration plan to raise corporate income tax rate to 28% will further exacerbate the risk to small businesses still struggling under impacts of the pandemic, pressures of persistent inflation, and changes in the broader economy with slowing growth. The President’s continuous downplaying of America’s economic condition, favoritism to foreign competition, and insistence of successful policies is ridiculous and dangerous. [RED STATE – 4/6/23]
  • AS COVID-19 SPREAD FROM WUHAN CHINA TO A GLOBAL PANDEMIC, competing hypotheses about the virus’s origin were either a mutation from bats to humans (a ‘spillover event’ from nature in a marketplace), or an accidental leak in a lab conducting ‘gain-of-function’ research. Last month, in sworn testimony, Dr. Robert Redfield, CDC Director who oversaw the federal government response as a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, “directly linked gain-of-function research and creation of the SARS-CoV-WIV to U.S. government funding through NIH/ State Department/ USAID/ and Department of Defense, along with Dr. Fauci’s cover-up of the lab leak evidence – including Deletion of Sequences records, changing command & control of the lab from civilian to military, and contracting redo of the lab ventilation systems, all in the month of September 2019, just prior to the pandemic outbreak becoming public.”   [EPOCH TIMES – 3/10/23]
  • “AMERICANS ARE NOW IN A REVOLUTION OF THE SORT THAT NEARLY DESTROYED FRANCE. Sometime in 2020, the Democratic Party was absorbed by hard-left ideologues bent on radically altering or hijacking existing institutions to force radical, equality-of-result agendas that do not earn majority support, eerily embracing discredited Neo-Confederate notions of racial chauvinism/ discrimination/ segregation/ obsession, and turning America toward a Balkanized war-of-all-against-all…. To implement such an unpopular program, this revolution is run by elites as a top-down operation, to radically alter our institutions, customs & traditions: pack the courts, destroy the electoral college, override the states’ prerogatives to establish balloting laws, eliminate borders, offer blank checks to foreign cartels, abandon military equipment to terrorists, weaponize law enforcement against political opponents, and much more… So, America has three potential futures: (1) Allow the revolutionists two more years to finish what they started; (2) Accept the warping of our legal & voting systems enabling them to ‘win’ future elections; (3) Recognize that the radical reign of terror is unsustainable, and defeat it so badly that it is utterly discredited. The choice is ours.” [VICTOR DAVIS HANSON – 4/6/23]

As scary as Generative A.I. now appears, it may positively transform cybersecurity, by detecting cyberthreats and protecting systems from human error and other vulnerabilities. This expectation is from its potential to (1) create decoy data to lure cybercriminals into revealing themselves by creating fake data that looks real and forces them to reveal tactics, and (2) identify patterns & potential weaknesses that can be exploited. “In a world of cybersecurity, staying one step ahead of cybercriminals is a constant battle” which artificial intelligence now may provide a critical tool to defend.  [IMPACT LAB]

56% of Americans now believe a college degree is “no longer worth the time & money spent on it, more than a quarter of bachelor-degree programs lead to ‘negative returns.’ Average yearly tuition has quadrupled since the 1970s while less than 40% complete their courses in the expected number of years, and a third still have no qualifications three years beyond that. “While best degrees are engineering, computer science & business, many students apply for whatever subject seems easiest and negative returns are especially likely for music and the visual arts.”  [ECONOMIST]