• WITH PROMOTION OF DOG-WALKING TO IMPROVE FITNESS, especially during the pandemic, over half of U.S. households now own at least one dog. The impact is that injuries have quadrupled since 2000. Most common are finger fractures, shoulder sprain or strain, hip fracture, and head injuries – concussions, bruising, bleeding, and TBI (traumatic brain injury). Emergency room statistics show women 50% more likely to experience a fracture, while all adults over 65 are three times more likely to experience a fall, and 60% to sustain a serious TBI.  Absence of attention to the path – attributable particularly mobile phone calls & texts – are unquestionably a significant factor.  [JOHN HOPKINS MEDICINE – 4/25/23]
  • LATEST WOKEISM STEPS OF NOTE: (1) The public schools embrace of Trigender sexual identity is evidenced by a 4,000-student district in Vermont which now dictates gender-inclusive language throughout its science/health curriculum, including replacement of boy/male and girl/female verbiage with “Person who produces sperm” and “Person who produces eggs.” (2) The majority of top ten Veterinarian schools have now embraced Critical Race Theory, based on an pervasive alleged premise that “antiracism in animal welfare is needed, since White pet owners don’t want a Black vet treating their pet, thus implicit racial bias towards persons of color adversely affects welfare of pit bulls… Not long ago, CRT was a type of computer monitor; in 2023, DEI has gone to the dogs.”  [RED STATE – 4/27/23]
  • THE ANNOUNCED POSITION OF DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CONTENDER John F. Kennedy Jr. is that: “Americans live and labor under an illiberal, unconstitutional, oppressive administrative state. /  While representatives are elected and meant to make law, our vast bureaucracy, captured by globe-straddling industries, have acquired tyrannical law-making powers. / The corrupt merger of state and corporate power has facilitated events unfolding around us—from the collapse of the dollar, the murder of the middle-class via Covid crackdowns and lockdowns (courtesy of the pharma-state), to inflation (Federal Reserve Bank), to the sundering of individual and constitutional rights, to war forevermore (in service of the military-industrial-complex). / Along with promoting an open border, this is State run ‘corporate feudalism’ that keeps us sick, disenfranchised, robbed of rights and due process of law, drug addled and inconsistent with a stable middle-class and upwardly mobile working poor who can strive, not starve.” [TOWNHALL – 4/28/23]
  • MISINFORMATION IS AT LEAST ONE AREA IN WHICH AMERICANS ACROSS POLITICAL BOUNDARYS DO CONCUR, with a third of adults saying they see false claims from politicians and misleading headlines every day, and nearly half now having ‘little or no trust’ in the media’s ability to report news fairly & accurately (according to latest survey from Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs). The appearance of biased media reporting is across the board, with media companies obviously basing their business strategy on eyeballs & clicks, engaging in talking points supporting their owners/management Agenda versus truth and/or reality.

About that $80 billion funding to IRS last summer (from the dishonestly named Inflation Reduction Act):  While funds were allocated for staffing some 87,000 new employees and technology updates through 2030, IRS was mandated to provide a Plan, recently submitted but only forecasting through 2025 with explanation that they “don’t want to be locked into numbers on a piece of paper.” A congressionally-mandated Complexity Report’ has not been completed in over twenty years which, along with a “proven track record of failure with technological implementation plus a culture of incompetence and unaccountability,” creates questions and casts continuing skepticism about real intention and effective implementation. [TOWNHALL]

Annually, Chief Executive surveys nearly 700 U.S. CEOs and business owners to compile a Best and Worst States for doing business in America. The bottom four this year are New Jersey, Illinois, New York and worst (same as last year) California. Factors include business friendly policies, a rising professional class, and growing cities. Texas consistently ranks #1, Florida #2 and Tennessee #3.

 Marriage is falling out of fashion. New marriages per thousand unmarried women has dropped from 76 in 1970 to below 28 today. Pew Research reports that ‘unpartnered’ – those who do not even live with a spouse or boy/girlfriend – has also increased nearly a third in the last three decades. “The loss of interest by millennials & Gen Z suggests that post-marriage America is not just a story of less ceremony and lifelong commitment, but more so one of less connection and less love.” [WASHINGTON EXAMINER]

Africa’s Got Talent – certainly one of the most unusual acts you’ve ever seen performed:  https://biggeekdad.com/2022/04/africas-got-talent/