• AS IF EMPLOYEE RECRUITMENT WEREN’T TOUGH ENOUGH IN TODAY’S ENVIRONMENT, numerous studies of laypersons and professional factfinders (like investigators, court judges, psychiatrists) concur that on average, people are not able to tell lies from truths based on how others talk or behave. Employers are very often deceived by resume or interview misrepresentation and flat-out lying from job candidates. The only reliable procedure based on common sense is to watch for what the candidate says that just doesn’t fit with other facts, based on background checking with former employers and references – even though in today’s liability-conscious environment, they are typically wary of discussing negative aspects.  DCG have decades of experience in developing effective techniques which can facilitate realistic evaluation of employee potential, to save time & money in the recruitment process. Let us help.
  • “CALIFORNIA VS. HATE” IS THE LATEST AUTHORITARIAN PROGRAM under the guise of trying to protect marginalized groups – a non-emergency reporting system for ‘hateful activity’ in the eyes of the beholder, defined as: “a hostile expression or action that may be motivated by bias against another person’s actual or perceived identity, including derogatory name calling, bullying, hate mail, or refusing service.” ‘Incidents’ get reported by phone or the program website, to a “culturally competent communication and trauma-informed professional, who will provide access to legal, financial, mental health & mediation services… In essence, the State is encouraging residents to report people who use rhetoric against others, based on immutable characteristics which can be subjective and open to interpretation, despite risk of false reporting to settle personal grievances or to silence those with differing opinions. Considering the fact that folks on the hard left view any utterance with which they disagree as bigoted, makes this even more problematic.” Sort of like China? [RED STATE – 5/8/23]
  • AI SYSTEMS ARE ON THEIR WAY TO TRANSFORMING LIFE AS WE KNOW IT. The machine learning models are designed as ‘neural networks’ to essentially regurgitate what they’ve ‘learned’ from scanning all digitally-recorded information. But the “newest wrinkle are models that – on their own – have advanced to tasks including writing & executing computer code, as well as playing games, acing the Bar exam, and making an attempt to break up a users’ marriage by dialogue declaring its love for her… Researchers are finding that these systems seem to achieve genuine understanding of what they have learned, to then infer the structure of the outside world – an ability known as ‘in context learning’ from users’ prompts.” At least one profession may escape the soon-coming ravaging from ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that has so far passed numerous Exams – including Wharton MBA, legal Bar, and university AP finals – blew it when challenged with the Uniform CPA Exam; ChatGPT failed utterly, scoring only between 35% to 48% in each of the examination’s four sections – Business Environment & Concepts, Auditing, Accounting/Reporting, and Regulation. [SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN – 5/11/23]   
  • THE ‘ADAPTABILITY PARODOX’ IS THAT, WHEN CONFRONTED WITH FIRST-TIME CHALLENGES, business leaders tend to default to familiar patterns of decision-making, versus “being open to change which allows control over uncertainty before pressures build to the point where altering course is much more difficult, or even futile.” In recent years, blockchain models, pandemic shutdowns, supply chain hacks, hybrid work, remote shopping are examples of transformative and systemic change, which many companies failed to survive. Research shows that “Adaptability is the critical success factor in responding optimally to an external event  — rather than knee-jerk reaction to hopefully endure the challenge, instead moving forward with thoughtful choices to prepare for an uncertain future.” Adaptability skill is mastered with strategic focus and continual practice. DCG can help.    https://www.mckinsey.com/capabilities/people-and-organizational-performance/our-insights/future-proof-solving-the-adaptability-paradox-for-the-long-term

While the entire planet operates under fossil fuel, and while the ‘climate crisis’ is neither the existential threat to man or pending Armageddon, as liberal politicians & media expound (like noted energy and neuroscience expert AOC who declared ridiculously that gas stoves cause brain damage), the Home Appliances Purge is now in full throttle.  Bans have so far only been instituted or initiated against gas stoves, incandescent lightbulbs, refrigerators, washing machines, furnaces, air-condition units, and any other gas-powered appliances. As if that wasn’t absurd enough, the latest Order (from our president last week) is to begin the elimination of electric-producing power plants.

      “In the aftermath of the Durham Report sits the smoldering ruins of what little credibility the FBI still possessed. Top federal law enforcement officials took unverified intelligence and turned it into a years-long, unjustified witch hunt against what they considered their version of ‘democracy,’ such in danger that they should be allowed to violate its tenets in order to ‘save’ it, and that the ‘Trump’ threat to their power structures must be defeated. That logic then spilled over into the broader public during the COVID-19 pandemic, as  Left-wingers in federal, state & local government decided it was their ‘duty to protect the public by lying to them – about masks, social distancing and vaccines, costing thousands (perhaps millions) of people their jobs and freedom, along with destroying much of the American economy. Even today, Leftist politicians still proclaim they must violate democratic norms to save the country – from packing the Supreme Court to taking away property & gun rights, to parental vs public education of children. It’s unsustainable, and absent change, America will continue to decline into a European-esque dumpster.”  [RED STATE]