• PEOPLE SLACKING-OFF-ON-THE-JOB PREDATES REMOTE WORK, but pandemic strategies certainly haven’t helped that reality. Almost every business has some employee(s) getting away with not doing much, and generally not working to an optimal level of productivity. Moreover, this can often engender resentment from their colleagues (especially if they themselves are overworked) and raise questions about both (1) the competence of whoever is supposed to be managing that slacker, and (2) how can Leaders not notice, especially when conflicting with purported company culture? While workforce management – knowing who’s doing what and their output – is always the responsibility of leadership, owners & execs are typically focused on ‘higher-level’ matters and leave efficiency of personnel to the middle-manager level. DCG have decades of experience in development of performance evaluation/ training/ coaching processes to monitor and optimize employee performance. Call for courtesy consult.
  • IN TODAY’S FAST-MOVING BUSINESS WORLD, THE ISSUES & QUESTIONS WHICH SHOW UP DAILY don’t always announce themselves in the newspaper or on TV, so the implications like risk or exposure to those events often don’t register on the priorities list of private company owner/operators. The level of strategic protection for these often-critical factors in maintaining business productivity/ profitability/ stability is generally provided by an Advisory Board (of one to several people) – experts who collectively and regularly “have broad market awareness about areas, trends, new developments which touch and might impact the industry; who have genuine concern for the Company without regard to what’s in it for them; and who offer advice without any requirement that execs take it.” Costs are always lower than hourly CPA, Attorney or Director fees, whether or not they contribute  broad perspective beyond specialty or biased industry impacts.   DCG facilitates development of Advisory Boards, and serve many clients as such an Advisor. 
  • THE PER CAPITA COST OF CRIME, BASED NOT JUST ON RATE BUT ALSO ‘PROPORTIONALITY’ which, paired with academic research, demonstrates “how well a state or municipality is managing their crime-stopping efforts (e.g., murder measuring 2,572 times worse than larceny). This statistic not only impacts the danger of high crime but also of depressed housing and insurance costs.” The 2022 Report by Money Geek data analytics suggests that: (1) The 15 ‘most dangerous’ U.S. cities, with highest per capita crime costs are: St. Louis/ Mobile/ Birmingham/ Baltimore/ Memphis/ Detroit/ Cleveland/ New Orleans, Shreveport/ Baton Rouge/ Little Rock, Oakland/ Milwaukee/ Kansas City/ Philadelphia; (2) The 15 safest large U.S. cities (over 300K population) are now: Honolulu, Virginia Beach/ Henderson/ El Paso/ Austin/ Arlington/ New York/ San Diego/ San Jose/ Santa Ana/ Mesa/ Charlotte/ Boston/ Raleigh/ Omaha.  [FORBES – 1/23/23]
  • “THE TRANSGENDERISM CRAZE THAT IS RAGING THROUGH U.S. SOCIETY RIGHT NOW is the result of Social Pressure (or the “monkey see, monkey do” effect), regrettably a social contagion. The ideology which has seemingly taken root in our culture, is what started out as ‘gender dysphoria,’ a mental disorder that affected a minuscule percentage (below .02%) of the population, which has grown into a staggering 2.1% of Gen Z’s sexual declaration… This evolution stems from a logical conclusion of leftist liberalism, suggesting that if individual freedom is the highest good, then being ‘whatever gender’ one decides is freedom from the sexual binary (ignoring that this is also freedom from earthly reality)… It’s an incredibly destructive thing to have happened to our society, with impacts including: (1) adults who would otherwise be getting help for other needs – like autism/ depression/ severe anxiety/ porn sickness – instead just ‘declaring’ themselves transgender; while their other underlying mental health conditions are suddenly being shrugged off; plus (2) then destroying their bodies in the form of drugs and mutilating surgeries; plus (3) for children and teens, added complications of contending with peer pressure and the normal discomfort that comes with a changing body… As even scientific journals are now blocking, discrediting, even retracting scholarly research & papers (with arguments like ‘questionable methodology’), ‘May we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion’ as messaged to Columbia University students by then President Eisenhower.”  [PATRIOT POST – 5/30/23]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: Want a reminder of Life before social media?   https://biggeekdad.com/2023/04/life-before-social-media/

Have your Estate protection & distribution programs been updated for changes in family members or circumstances, equity valuation forecasts & risks, taxation changes & expectations?  Are you aware that ‘Trust Protectors’ and ‘Trust Advisors’ are now perhaps more relevant than Trustees in maintaining and conforming to post-death wishes of the Grantor, particularly distribution of assets to beneficiaries based on their future lives & needs? Call DCG for guidance.

ENGLISH is now the spoken language of an estimated billion people – one in every eight on the planet. Some 200M in India and 180M in the European Union each have vastly more English speakers than the combined population of Britain, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. Children in Northern Europe who’ve been immersed in subtitled films & TV, music, gaming & YouTube, “now speak as though them came from Kansas.”  [ECONOMIST]

The Left Is Waging A Full-Fledged Cultural Revolution Against Traditional America based on Woke Gods: