• PURSUIT OF OPTIMAL BUSINESS SKILLS TAKES MANY FORMS. Latest research suggests that up to a quarter of people have ‘Lucid Dreams’ regularly – a state of sleep where a degree of control can foster generation of ideas and even ‘rehearsal’ for real-life events, like making speeches, preparing for discussions, solving problems, even musical performances. “Lucid Dreaming lets you shape your dreamscape, whether aims are practical or fantastical.” Some basic techniques which might allow development of this skill begin with “reality testing to take control of your dreams.” Check out: https://psyche.co/ideas/five-ways-to-take-control-of-your-dreams
  • DISHONESTY HAS COMPLETELY ERODED INSTITUTIONAL CREDIBILITY to a level where six in ten Americans now say they distrust the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). “After decades of success in following evidence and producing functional solutions to improve healthier lives and fewer childhood diseases, the health/science industry had earned unequivocal institutional trust. But the Covid pandemic killed that trust after credentialed experts used the credibility of Science to preach political nonsense, claiming things like: (1) universal masking and closed schools would prevent spread of Covid-19 and mass death among children; (2) same for offices/ religious services/ social events – yet protestors on behalf of ‘racial justice’ could safely congregate in close proximity; (3) Capitalism had to be curbed to stop global warming; (4) Men could be women and Identity trumped biology in defining sexes. And other garbage. All of this means that those who purport to speak in the name of science – the same people who have used that label to avoid debate – must now wade back into the arena, for credibility to earn, much less demand the trust of the public.”  [TOWNHALL – 6/23/23]
  • WOKENESS UPDATE: (1) The ACLU has now filed a complaint against State of Florida for violating civil rights by denying “medically necessary gender-affirming care to a recently executed transgender inmate (convicted & sentenced to death for raping/ murdering a 14-year- old babysitter 35 years ago). The convict had sought to avoid execution by claiming insanity, mental illness, and gender dysphoria which were rejected by psychiatrists who evaluated and rejected those claims. ACLU’s complaint is consistent with their mission – calling on the state to end the racist, unfair and cruel death penalty.” [PATRIOT POST]     (2) A currently proposed Michigan law would criminalize any speech causing “severe mental anguish to another person, leaving a rogue prosecutor with the ability to criminalize words because someone’s feelings were hurt (perhaps by someone not using their preferred pronoun… The law allows for prison time or for a ‘diversion’ program of community service – essentially a re-education camp for speech.” [RED STATE] 
  • HOWEVER, THE RADICAL CRAZINESS LOOKS LIKE MAYBE STARTING TO SUBSIDE. “The most impactful forces that define periods in history are cyclical, and counterforces will hopefully result in a rejection of many unpopular changes, calling for more conservative policies and priorities” in the principal social tensions involving: (1) wokeism vs common sense; (2) virtual reality vs human relationships; (3) government entitlements vs personal responsibility; (4) crime enforcement; (5) racial identity bias; (6) sexual curriculum in grade schools; (7) immigration control; (8) ‘free speech’ vs sensitivity to individual feelings; (9) fossil fuel vs renewable energy..”  [TOWNHALL]
  • What if America had a dictator? asks Borat: https://youtube.com/shorts/aX-nW70AoHk?feature=share 
  • Why are we surprised that half of z-gens favor socialism?  https://www.youtube.com/shorts/23WiHukJuyY 
  • A brilliant summary of the mess we’re in from Bill Maher:  https://youtu.be/yysKhJ1U-vM

The rates of both teen depression and of teen suicides have jumped over 60% since 2007. Studies at University of Michigan and Pew Research Center suggest this is not coincidental with introduction of the smartphone and with 24/7 access to social media & screentime – the largest change in teens’ everyday lives over the past dozen years.

Over a million Americans are now homeless, of which a third live in California and a quarter are over 50-years old. A California Statewide Study from some 3,500 surveys & interviews found 90% attributing their situation to cost of housing, and two-thirds saying they struggle with mental issues.  [USA TODAY]