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  • RESEARCH PURPORTEDLY SUGGESTS THERE’S TRUTH TO REGIONAL STEREOTYPES IN AMERICA. Geopsychology, the field of study which involves correlation between personality traits and regions of residence, suggests that the main aspects of human behavior (acronym CANOE) do indeed seem to correlate: (1) Conscientiousness – discipline, sense of duty & purpose conform with higher likelihood of academic success, which measures more prevalent among people living in Southern states; (2) Agreeableness – being kinder, considerate, and prepared to compromise for social harmony over self-interest was also most pronounced in the South, along with Minnesota & Dakota states; (3) Neuroticism, aka Emotional Stability – being more or less prone to experience anger/ depression/ anxiety/ stress measures pretty comparably across the country; (4) Openness – awareness of personal feelings, creative talents, and willingness to try new things measures highest in the Western states; (5) Extraversion – ‘life of the party’ people measure highest across central northern states and again the South. [BIG THINK – 7/1/23]
  • CYBER-SECURITY IS NOW A CRITICAL FACTOR IN PROTECTING BUSINESS AND PERSONAL DIGITAL INFORMATION. According to ‘Inside the Mind of a Hacker’ report (from Bugcrowd), over 90% of hackers look to Generative AI to increase their effectiveness, plan to use it in the future (to help them ‘hack ethically’), and 55% believe it will outperform them within five years by “disrupting the way they do penetration testing or work on bounty programs.” [SC MEDIA – 7/13/23]   See https://securethevillage.org for excellent, cost-free guidance.
  • “LATEST ESTIMATES OF AMOUNTS STOLEN/ MISUSED/ MISAPPROPRIATED FROM COVID FUNDS, through mismanagement, lack of oversight, plain negligence and outright fraud, now ranges from $280 billion to over $1 trillion. The Madoff Ponzi scheme took decades and totaled some $64 billion by comparison, while the ineptitude of U.S. Congress, along with help from state governments, took a matter of months to allocate some $5 trillion and enforce ‘emergency’ powers to shutter the economy, based on the word of a little man physician with an inflated sense of grandeur… Then domestic & international fraudsters simply filled out paperwork online with stolen social security numbers and lies – like unemployment benefits paid to Senator Dianne Feinstein, John Doe, and a Mr. Poopy Pants… It’s going to be the biggest fraud in the history of our country. The amount stolen is appalling, but the lack of caring is astounding.” [RED STATE – 7/17/23]
  •  THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: 9 words in women’s vocabulary which men should be aware of: https://biggeekdad.com/2017/06/9-words-women-use/

Misgendering‘ – intentionally using the wrong ‘preferred gender pronouns’ – could be on its way to becoming a criminal offense, according to recent Newsweek survey which found that belief in 33% of age 18-25 group, 44% aged 25-35, and 38% aged 35- 45. A Michigan Bill is underway to make this a Felony with penalty up to five years in jail plus a $10,000 fine – all for “calling” someone he or she, which offends their personal sensitivity…  Unbelievable but 2023 ‘woke’ reality.

 The learning delay of American kids’ continues to worsen, as nearly a third of U.S. K – 12 educators – roughly 900,000 – are thinking of leaving their jobs and not returning to the classrooms before this next school year, according to latest McKinsey survey.

Here’s a surprising benefit from OpenAI’s GPT-4; handling telemarketers and scammers by using robot voices to engage them for many minutes by saying dumb things that are somewhat funny, until wasting enough of their time that they give up and disconnect. ‘Jolly Roger Telephone’ charges only $1.99/mo.  [TECH RADAR]

For card-trick-magic lovers: https://biggeekdad.com/2023/07/charming-magician/