• ALL EVIDENCE TO DATE NOW CONFIRMS A SYSTEM OF WIDESPREAD FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA which, in collusion with mainstream media, has significantly silenced criticism and political dissent. Narratives relating particularly to Covid realities and Biden family economic relationships with foreign countries have literally been censored by unaccountable officials engaged in ‘public-private partnerships’ designed to evade public awareness. Officials from a branch of Homeland Security known as CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) have been colluding with print and Big Tech media to “directly suppress ‘unapproved’ information – in calculated programs designed to quash accurate but inconvenient narratives. One Report from the House Judiciary Committee exposed how a Misinformation & Disinformation Subcommittee took it upon themselves to divide the American workforce into categories of Essential and Nonessential, which was the justification for States then issuing ‘Stay-at-Home’ edicts – a previously unimaginable assault on civil liberties.” And, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!   [BROWNSTONE INSTITUTE – 7/7/23]
  •  WHILE THE INTEGRITY OF AMERICA’S VOTING PROCESS GETS LIP SERVICE, the national movement led by Democrats to grant voting rights to non-citizens continues to gain traction. Already, 22 states plus D.C. have Automatic Voter Registration systems where interaction with Medicaid and state agencies like Motor Vehicles add voters to the rolls for participating in municipal & mayoral elections. Massachusetts leads the pack with registration through social service agencies – increasing registration during the 2021-22 election cycle over 500% (some 167,000 people). The non-citizen (including illegal alien) registration movement will continue to progress to congressional debate over Federal voting eligibility, which is a key element in the Administration’s current Open Border policies.  [RED STATE – 7/12/23]      BUT THE EVEN GREATER THREAT TO UNDERMINING ELECTIONS AND DEMOCRACY will come from “deepfakes and misinformation generated by Artificial Intelligence… A.I. is poised to change the world as we know it, and analogous to those uncertain times after the  first automobiles were on the road and the first car crash, we need to enforce ‘rules of the road’ to avoid electile dysfunction.”  [BILL GATES – FUTURISM – 7/13/23]
  •  “HOW DID SLOW EROSION ACCELERATE TO PRODUCE AN UNRECOGNIZABLE COUNTRY, in which nothing is secure, reliable or predictable anymore? …The basics of life in America’s major cities – healthcare, safety, cleanliness – have reached medieval proportions… Ignorance and arrogance, when combined with a therapeutic society that has abandoned meritocracy and feels social acceptance & career advantage are found in trashing one’s own culture, are a fatal combination.”[http://www.ruthfullyyours.com/2023/06/12/signs-of-decay-fears-of-decline-by-victor-davis-hanson/]

A recent University of Chicago Energy Policy Institute poll found nearly half of consumers NOT planning to purchase an electric vehicle, suggesting strongly that White House and EPA predictions that EVs will represent two-thirds of vehicles on the road in the next decade is likely unrealistic. The realistic challenges and concerns to future buyers involve: (1) Affordability – since current prices are around 25% above gas-powered cars; (2) Energy Grid availability; (3) Operating costs – currently insurance premiums alone are over 25% higher, due to EV battery replacement cost (up to $25K) in event of accidents or fire; (4) Supply Chain vulnerabilities – with China producing 75% of the world’s lithium batteries; and (5) Potential geopolitical risks. Transition to renewable energy transportation is far from assured. 

China is now the unequivocal world’s leader in technology and renewable nuclear energy. This analysis is astounding and scary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nyqNaRRvGM