• OPTIMAL BUSINESS PERFORMANCE IS CONSISTENTLY ACHIEVED THROUGH LEADERSHIP BY CORE BUSINESS EXPERTS who are able to develop clear business purpose, demonstrate a high standard of performance for workers and promotion, set appropriate goals, communicate & support staff, inspire team thinking, and lead by example. Research finds that “a worker’s immediate boss has the largest effect on job satisfaction, happiness and retention – with effect double that of earning on their productivity.” The time-wasting, box-ticking inefficiency now prevalent in government/ education/ health care/ military/ and lesser -performing businesses stems from ‘Managerialism’ – leadership by “bureaucrats with a collection of skills & techniques which replace expertise acquired throughout a career, with systems that require more generalist bureaucrats to run them. Simply being a competent general manager is insufficient to lead today’s organizations effectively.”  DCG strategic guidance and coaching can help optimize profitability and stability. [NEXT BIG IDEA – 7/31/23]
  • WHILE THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE CROSSING THE U.S. SOUTHWEST BORDER is being ‘reported’ as continuing to decline, “apprehension data is a shell game.” Beyond excluding 120,000 migrants entering monthly through the latest Parole Program loophole for ‘Ports of Entry’ admissions, the encounters of Border Agents at non-entry crossings as well as the ‘got-aways’ is not publicized or held accountable by anyone. According to CBP: (1) They have no situational awareness of who/ when/ how/ or where people are crossing, since the cartels now use drones with sensors to bypass agents; and (2) even those apprehended are ignored for public reporting purposes. Meanwhile, at the official Ports of Entry, an untold number of children pose as fake family units, admitted without question after the DNA testing program was ended last month. The Administration has “shifted the crisis by calling a new ‘legal’ pathway and claiming victory, but it’s a government-sponsored shell game, a perversion and violation of the law.” [PRICKLY PEAR – 7/30/23]
  • BEYOND DIMINSHED SLEEP QUALITY AND SNORING, NIGHTLY ‘MOUTH BREATHING’ (VERSUS NOSE BREATHING) has some majorly negative impacts. According to Stanford University scientists, opening the jaws cause the tongue to slump backward, obstructing the airway and causing: (1) rising blood pressure, possibly stage one hypertension; (2) heart rate variability, possibly to state of stress; (3) dropping blood oxygen level; and (4) obstructive sleep apnea to develop.  Waking up with morning Dry Mouth is a sign of extreme mouth breathing, but steps to alleviate are simple: Avoid eating close to bedtime (because stomach juices can come up into the nose/ sinuses/ ears, as well as mouth) which cause congestion & inflammation, and/or irrigating the nose with salt water in a squeeze bottle at bedtime.  [CNN – 5/14/23]
  • ANOTHER ‘PROPAGANDA WAR’ HAS STARTED THAT IS “DESIGNED TO CONDITION THE PUBLIC to think it’s their duty to the State to be miserable, cold & hungry,’ coming from Environmental Groups, sixty congressional liberals, a Regional Transmission organization which coordinates east coast electricity movement, and legacy media outlets (including LA Times). “Some energy industry groups are now expressing concern that the White House will declare a Covid-19-like ‘Climate Crisis’ emergency, giving the President vast and unchecked authority to shut down everything from communications to infrastructure around water & electricity, extended until the Crisis is over.”  Additional propaganda includes the U.N. Secretary General’s alarmist message last week that global warming has evolved to an “era of global boiling.”  [EPOCH TIMES – 7/30/23]

Pandemic shutdown of U.S. public schools was lengthier than every other western country, with generational education & social consequences that will impact this generation’s children for the rest of their lives, including reversal of 8th grade reading & math skills by several years, spikes in teenage depression, related health problems, and social media addiction. Why the powerful Teachers unions did everything possible to keep schools shuttered is now being attributed to a “political loyalty test, where skepticism of remote learning risked being labeled a Trumpist, or at least politically suspect. Now that he is out of the Oval Office, unions along with media figures and politicians are belatedly grappling with the consequences of prolonged school closures.” [WASHINGTON EXAMINER]

Microwaving plastic food containers is the latest health hazard – especially for babies. Research reported in the journal Environmental Science & Technology found “75% of cultured kidney cells died after being exposed for 48 hours to the particulates from microwaved baby food containers, after releasing microplastics and their components (nanoplastics and toxic chemical leachates).”  [FUTURISM-NEOSCOPE – 7/31/23]

Latest stupid government initiative is from FDA pursuing regulation of ‘flavored cigars’, ostensibly to protect teenagers from becoming addicted, irrespective of a definitive study (funded by FDA and published in New England Journal of Medicine) which found only 2.3% of kids 12-17 had ever smoked a cigar, and only .7% had tried one in the past 30 days – hardly an epidemic. Another case of regulatory overreach by non-elected bureaucrats who don’t worry about real issues (like stopping the proliferation of psychedelic drugs crossing the southern border or fentanyl deaths) but need something to keep busy. This initiative “makes as much sense as banning scotch because kids might smuggle a bottle from dad’s liquor cabinet, or outlawing X-rated movies because sometimes 14-year-olds occasionally sneak into the theater.”  [WASHINGTON EXAMINER]