• EXHAUSTED & FEELING WASTED AT END OF A TOUGH WORKDAY?  Research at Hong Kong Polytechnic University suggests that “when facing repetitive & monotonous tasks which necessitate immediate attention, scheduling the harder tasks first and easier tasks last – even when adding additional ‘easier’ tasks to the list,” called the ‘Easy Addendum Effect.’ [JRNL OF APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY – 9/23] Optimizing effectiveness begins with ‘prioritizing’, preached consistently by DCG.  Call us for courtesy consultation to implement this Strategic Planning process.
  • A ‘PANDEMIC PREPAREDNESS AGENDA,’ BEING SOLD AS “ESSENTIAL FOR THE FUTURE OF HUMAN SOCIETY AND THE HUMAN RACE” is soon to be released by the U.N. General Assembly, calling for more authority to the World Health Organization and U.N. to “change international health regulations which have force under international law, expanding the idea of a ‘health emergency’ from demonstrated harm to anything they consider a threat (including climate change), putting in place the ability to essentially have a permanent State of Emergency… A surveillance network would inspect every country every two years, by a bureaucracy with power to declare a Viral Variant as a potential threat, lock down the country & close its borders, and coerce the population to take vaccine… Why is this happening?  Possibly because during the Covid outbreak, when we had a virus that appeared almost certainly engineered and accidentally released, hundreds of billions of dollars accumulated in the hands of relatively few people, shifting wealth from the people who used to work, to those gaining from lockdowns, very much software companies and those producing injectable vaccine.”  dhttps://www.theepochtimes.com/epochtv/dr-david-bell-public-health-is-moving-toward-international-fascism-5500635?utm_source=News&src_src=News&utm_campaign=breaking-2023-10-02-2&src_cmp=breaking-2023-10-02-2&utm_medium=email&est=rcNe%2Bpl8VF4eEF%2F7hlzyFzCa6LpHht8eQkfEOFbW2uqyR7CQhvQWTMCQxcIvosVrYg%3D%3D
  • LIMITED LIABILITY CORP REMINDER for businesses considering election: LLC entities resemble corporations since personal assets of owners (called Members) are protected from the company’s creditors, while income or losses are not taxed at the company level.  Instead, they are ‘passed through’ proportionately to owners, similar to partners in a partnership, with profits taxed only once and losses deductible against income from other passive investments, and for ‘active’ members also qualified to shelter other income. The California Franchise Tax is $800 annually after year of inception if the LLC is formed by 12/31/23.
  • ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION CONTINUES TO WORSEN – a clear picture of abject federal failure, as over 300,000 migrants monthly now stream into the U.S. from “improper, unwanted, uncontrolled immigration, without the consent and against the objections of America’s citizens. This is higher than anywhere else in the world, including more than annual migration to Germany, next in line among developed nations… There are now hundreds of millions, even billions, of people who have the means & desire to migrate toward wealth, where it’s easier to build a successful life, and who know nothing is stopping them. But few are real refugees who need asylum from persecution.” When does enough become enough? [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 10/3/23]

     “Let’s face it. Our federal government is hopelessly corrupt and has been for decades. It’s not changing anytime soon, no matter which politicians are switched out for others. Even the most well-meaning freedom-loving elected official is impotent when it comes to affecting real change, because the swamp machine is far too entrenched to let a little thing like the removal of a House speaker threaten its mission – to maintain a status quo designed to keep certain people in power in Congress and other areas of government.” [RED STATE]

 Hackers get more and more creative.  Latest is “Operation Dreamjob” where they approach targets over LinkedIn, by engaging job-seekers in a fake employee recruitment process that, at some point, requires download of a file – typically spent on a company’s computer which allows the North Korean hackers to breach their corporate network to conduct cyber espionage.”  [SECURE THE VILLAGE]

Some 82 million pounds of beef are consumed daily on average by Americans, mostly between ages 50 – 65, according to a 3-year study of daily diets from over 10K adults. Around one-in-five meals are burgers, but steaks/ burritos/ hot dogs/ sausages/ meat in stews, pasta & pizza also contribute. Since national Dietary Guidelines suggest a limit of 4 ounces daily for all meat + poultry + egg products combined, middle- age men thus increase risk of heart disease, obesity, cancers, etc. It’s largely McDonalds quarter-pounder’s fault.  [REAL CLEAR SCIENCE]