• OPTIMIZING BUSINESS GOALS REQUIRES A COMBINATION OF LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT qualities both in Strategy plus Execution skills. Management involves problem-solving discipline, in which planning, budgeting & process creates intended results; Leadership, in contrast, is about the embrace of change, innovation and inspiring people. Managers need to be mostly involved in operational activities and direct meetings with employees; Leaders have more interactions with other executives and people outside the company. DCG has decades of experience in recruiting, training, and guiding businesses in achieving this balance and optimization. Call us for courtesy consult.   
  •  A.I. UPDATE: The Chief Executive of Google’s Artificial Intelligence division has now warned that, despite being “one of the most important and beneficial technologies ever invented, which could bring incredible opportunities in fields such as medicine & science, next generation super-intelligent systems could also evade human control and pose an ‘existential threat to humanity’ –  including aiding the creation of bioweapons,  impacting data sets so large that auditing is difficult, and be used to deceive people.” But not to fear, since OpenAI (the creator of ChatGPT) has created a new team “whose sole job is heading of the ‘catastrophic risks’ that could be brought on by AI… It will track, evaluate, forecast, and protect against threats that are chemical/ biological/ radiological/ nuclear in nature, along with heading off concerns over cybersecurity and ‘individual persuasion’ – i.e. convincing people to do things they might not otherwise.”  [FUTURISM – 10/23]
  • AMERICANS WHO ASSUME THAT THE U.S. ECONOMY WILL CONTINUE TO BOOM for years on the back of consumer strength are making a huge mistake,” according to Jamie Dimon, well-respected CEO of JPMorgan Chase, who warned that we are in “the most dangerous time that the world has seen in decades,” speaking last week at the Future Investment Initiative summit. Today’s highest government debt levels, high inflation, and largest peacetime fiscal spending in U.S. history (with no end in sight) – which “central banks like the Federal Reserve have been 100% dead wrong on projecting” – have created a situation, like the 1970s, of economic challenges without currently sensible leadership. Combining the geopolitical risks of current and likely wars to come, caution in financial strategy is critical. Call DCG for courtesy consult. [EPOCH TIMES – 10/27/23]
  •  FEARS, WORRIES OR CONCERNS OF AMERICANS were surveyed last spring in nearly a hundred categories ranging from government, health, environmental, to paranormal and personal anxieties. “Persistent fear causes anxiety, depression, and negatively affects decision-making ability, as well as corroding social trust and civic engagement… However, irrespective of those impacts, Companies in pursuit of market share and ad revenues routinely market unnecessary products that promote protection from imagined or exaggerated harms, while Politicians continue to effectively leverage fears to garner votes.” This year’s survey found over 60% of participants listing ‘Corrupt Government Officials’ as a top fear; half listed Economic/financial collapse, World War III, serious illness or death in family or friends, drinking water Pollution, and Cyberterrorism; Up to 15% said Immigrants, BLM, Influenza or ghosts.  https://www.ocregister.com/2023/10/28/heres-what-americans-fear-the-most-in-2023/

 The middle east ‘problem’ and simple solution explained brilliantly in 5 minutes:  https://www.prageru.com/video/the-middle-east-problem?playlist=the-middle-east-conflict&utm_source=Iterable&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=campaign_8157481

 In addition to the pathetic real-world consequences of obscure Leftist academic theories, ‘mass migration’ is now proven to be a complete and total failure. For decades, liberals and globalists have pushed for open-ended migration of people across borders, as if borders are entirely arbitrary, and all cultures and ways of life are interchangeable. As the West grapples with the very radical Muslims it voluntarily imported — hundreds of thousands of whom now march in the streets of multiple American and European cities, calling for Jewish genocide, while thousands of others lead vile “Students for Justice in Palestine” statements praising the Hamas massacre as a ‘liberation’ of ‘stolen land’ — it has become 100% obvious that assimilation of huge numbers of non-Western immigrants into Western society has been a major, and likely irreversible, mistake.