• STRATEGIC LEADERS ARE THOSE WHO CAN set goals, recognize the risks and tradeoffs, then invest time, talent & capital to create productivity, profitability and value. “Strategic leaders develop the ability to Think/ Plan/ and Do, by: (1) Understanding new and realistic approaches to solving challenges; (2) Willingness to ensure that use of resources aligns with vision & intent, then effectively allocating resources; (3) Utilizing verbal/ visual/ written communication skills to implement in collaboration with others.” [HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW]  The biggest struggle for most business leaders then becomes operational execution of their strategies, by setting of Objectives and targets necessary for achievement which are measurable and tracked, with employees held accountable to meeting targets, while maintaining priorities without being consumed by the daily ‘urgent’ crises that steal time, energy & efficiency. DCG have decades of experience in business structure and tactics toward success. Let us help.
  • PEOPLE EVIDENTLY HAVE A NATURAL TENDENCY TO AVOID INFORMATION that reveals the negative consequences of their actions. Analysis of 22 separate research studies found 40% of over six thousand American and European Union participants “willfully choose to be ignorant of how their decisions affect others, in order to ‘look the other way’ and pretend everything is fine… motivated by (1) an excuse to consider themselves ‘morally upstanding’ even if they decide to act selfishly; and (2) ‘cognitive inattentiveness’ – dislike of thinking more than they have to, favoring quick-and-easy decisions.” Findings suggest that a lot of altruistic behaviors are motivated only by desire to behave as others expect (i.e., social pressures) while ignorance allows an easy way out of otherwise required time, money and/or effort.  [REAL CLEAR SCIENCE – 11/6/23]
  • THE ‘WILL TO POWER’ HAS NOW BECOME THE “ORGANIZING IMPULSE OF AMERICA and many other postwar democratic societies, with voices calling for government-encouraged labor organization, rewriting property rights, restrictions on corporations for the ‘common good,’ and active subsidizing of ‘strategic’ industries – unmoored from stable, predictable, impartial Rules as well as Woke-only language, overriding social mores that have historically been passed on through stable families and religious institutions, as opposed to power being exercised by the arbitrary wills of individual men and women. The impact has resulted in a world awash with uncertainty.” https://lawliberty.org/apology-for-a-rules-based-order/  That our culture has evolved to this point is greatly attributable to the fact that today’s Media produce images in such staggering quantities that ‘meaning’ and ‘truth’ are indistinguishable, with ‘Reality’ effectively interpreted by any of us based on simulations of simulations of previous cultural periods, each based on ideologies of their times. For a fascinating series of brief explanations about how we’ve arrived at Postmodernism Hyperreality: https://youtube.com/watch?v=5D86_ptqd8I&si=d6KsPGWE9tlLXlSw  [THE MEDIA INSIDER]  
  • A SOBERING THOUGHT: SOLAR FLARES, technically Coronal Mass Ejections, are rare; the last big ones happened over 30 years ago (knocking out power in Quebec for nine hours) and 160 years before that. However, scientists now predict that the sun is “entering a more active period, and that a CME blob of superheated matter is likely to hit the earth’s magnetic field – suddenly & without warning – which could ‘wipe out’ the power grid/ satellites/ underground fiber optic cables/ navigation & GPS systems/ radio transmitters/ communications equipment/ and internet for months… while we would be dependent on China to produce the replacements for critical transformers & parts.”  Just another doomsday scenario…  [RED STATE – 11/13/23]

Mexico’s National Guard, its militarized police force, has around 100K members; Mexico’s gang membership is estimated around 175K – the fifth-biggest private-sector employer, with two cartels (Sinaloa and Jalisco) employing over a quarter of the total gangsters. “Recruits are forced into the job, either by being kidnapped or by applying for fake job ads like Security Guard. Others willingly sign up, often because of the glamorizing of cartels in TV shows.  [ECONOMIST]

 Our budget-unconscious federal Administration has funded some1,200 Grants exceeding  $4.1 Billion over the past few years which relate to educating & influencing gay and trans initiatives around the world, including: ”DEI initiatives in Serbia & Armenia/  Rectal Mucosal Effects of Cross-sex Hormone Therapy among U.S. and Thai women/  Effects of Alcohol on Trans & Non-Gender Partner Violence/  Social Biography of Same-sex Desire in Postcolonial Ireland/ and similar topics in Iran, China, Armenia, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Ukraine, Philippines, along with translation of an LGBT term Thesaurus into Spanish. [EPOCH TIMES]

 For any readers who intentionally avoid educating themselves in the Hamas Terrorist and Palestine realities, criticizing Israel for its actions to eliminate Hamas, perhaps awareness of the reasons why NO ARAB states are willing to take any Gazan refugees will allow the opportunity to appear less as morons. Only 4 minutes: https://twitter.com/breeadail/status/1720728934910746966