• PERSONALITY – A PERSON’S TYPICAL THOUGHTS, FEELINGS & BEHAVIORS as they go through daily life – is not a mannerism set it stone. Changes in personality over time can be driven by the natural aging process, by influence of major life events, or simply by daily interactions with others. The Big Five personality traits – agreeableness/ extraversion/ conscientiousness/ openness/ neuroticism – all evolve over time with age and remain relatively stable. However, latest research suggests that someone’s stability or instability may also change, influenced by: (1) Developmental Constants – genetic, biological, early-life experiences; (2) Environmental factors – such as career, partner, dwelling; and (3) Random factors – unexpected life changes impacting status quo.  Accordingly, a person’s everyday social interactions are dependent on stability of their personality at that point, itself influenced by current disposition, environment and accumulated life experiences, which is why we notice changes in others, often frustrating and to varying degrees.   https://psyche.co/ideas/theres-a-reason-some-of-us-find-it-easier-to-change-than-others
  • TAXES ON VIRTUALLY ALL AMERICANS ARE SCHEDULED TO RISE – probably not this year, given divided control in congress and it being an election year, but certainly after 2025 when the 2017 tax cuts expire.  I.R.S. data shows that the top half of households currently fund nearly 98% of federal taxes, with the top 1% paying rates eight times as high as the bottom half. But plans floated so far by Democrats involve additional taxation on appreciated assets of the wealthiest households (with over $100M income or assets) before realization of capital gains. Politicians ignore the steep administrative & compliance costs, determination of Value given the volatile nature of the stock market, and enforcement challenges, but their vision is clearly focused on increased spending budgets.  [ACCOUNTING TODAY – 1/4/24]
  •  MOST OF THE INFRASTUCTURE (FOR WHICH TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE LEGISLATED) NEVER GETS BUILT, and what does is never This results from intentional structure – the centralized nature of spending and political obstacles, including: (1) Dollars flowing from Treasury and allowing the States to spend money as they see fit; (2) Allocation formulas based on projections of population or gas tax revenues; (3) Channeling funds through Grant programs which allow money directed to politically favored cities & counties; (4) Absence of functioning rules guiding how local governments could apply and how the fed can approve; (5) ‘Social Justice’ requirements built into legislative bills requiring prioritization for underserved communities, infrastructure studies, etc.; (6) The Nat’l Environmental Policy Act which empowers radical environmental activities to delay or stop any federally funded project in court (with average NEPA reviews taking up to five years).  Delays ARE the system.  [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 1/2/24]
  •  THE DIVERSITY/ EQUITY/ INCLUSION PRIORITY IS TODAY’S BIGGEST CONTRIBUTOR TO AMERICAN RACIAL CONFLICT.  “In its purest form, DEI is not about diversity; it is a political movement on behalf of certain groups (people of color, LGBTQ, women & trans) deemed ‘oppressed,’ by whites/ Jews/ Asians who are categorically deemed ‘oppressors.’   Under this ideology: (1) One is either a Racist or Anti-Racist, with no such thing as being non-racist; (2) Any policy, program, educational or grading system, even geographical climate change, which leads to unequal outcomes among people of different skin colors is deemed Racist. This includes Advanced Placement exams, IQ tests, Capitalism, Corporations, and any merit-based program/ system/ organization that generates different outcomes for different races that are at variance with population proportions.” The reality and stupidity of today’s Harvard crisis, according to mainstream media:  https://www.thefp.com/p/bill-ackman-how-to-fix-harvard?utm_source=post-email-title&publication_id=260347&post_id=140327600&utm_campaign=email-post-title&isFreemail=false&r=31macs&utm_medium=email Sean Ono Lennon, son of John Lennon, describes DEI as “Dumb Evil Idiots.”
  •  THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:  The reality of today’s workforce crisis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x17ip3ZwG0Q

Based on Zillow online search history, the 2nd most popular neighborhood for potential homebuyers is Hollywood Hills California, which also happens to be the highest average price per listing at $2.3M.  Most popular city is northeast Dallas.  After LA, come three neighborhoods in Phoenix (Camelback East, Deer Valley, North Mountain), LA Jolla San Diego, Upper east side New York, Summerlin north Las Vegas, Elkhorn Omaha, and Lakeview Chicago. “While some look for affordable neighborhoods with big houses & parks, others have their eyes on the glamor of a vibrant city, irrespective of cost.”  [VISUAL CAPITALIST]

With the California Legislature introducing up to 2,500 bills per year, an inordinately high proportion focus on gender issues. New 2024 mandates require teacher training on how to both affirm LGBT identities and how to identify non-LGBT parents; allowing minors to change their sex identity in legal documents and keep the records sealed; requiring gender-neutral toy displays in retail stores; and providing a ‘separate but equal’ system to report missing black girls & women called Ebony Alert.

A “5% chance of humans driven to extinction” is believed by over half of nearly 2,800 A.I.- experienced researchers surveyed, with “the vast majority warning of extremely bad outcomes including creation of dangerous viruses, deepfakes, manipulation allowing individuals to prosper at expense of others, and manipulation of public opinion by distorting the truth in a believable way.”  [FUTURISM/THE BYTE]