• LATEST MAJOR INCREASE IN eMAIL ATTACKS ARE THROUGH ‘QUISHING’ – using QR codes to bypass spam filters and the suspicions of particularly business execs & managers who typically focus on URL typos. Instead, QR codes hide the phishing links inside their image contained in an email, or on QRs posted directly in physical spaces (e.g. a parking meter or poster) using a simple sticker. Reported hacks against execs and their assistants are facilitated as restaurants and vendors direct customers to ‘contact-free’ and online ordering, so hackers use fake “notices for multifactor authentication which offer links to ease the sign-up process.” Cybercriminals are mostly after credentials of execs with ability to approve payments or transfers, so also often ‘bcc’ copies to exec assistants & other office members.  [DARK READING – 2/8/24]
  • A CONSISTENT FACTOR IN STRATEGIC PLANNING IS ‘SWOT’ ANALYSIS of Strengths/ Weaknesses/ Opportunities/ and Threats. Another version of SWOT is also useful for leaders in gaining insight about personal goals, objectives and leadership attributes, with perspective on Self/ World influences/ Others’ relationship qualities, and Time priorities. This version facilitates greater self-awareness with focus on consideration for changes in strategic direction to optimize leadership towards productivity, profitability & sustainability. DCG have decades of experience in this critical arena of business and estate/legacy planning, with courtesy consultation.                    [https://www.smartbrief.com/original/use-this-swot-to-assess-yourself?utm_term=73421C15-64C8-4403-B846-A551261A78E0&lrh=dc6ac03fb93d7877173c2a75bd65625d546cf584b0b3af6e66245200a4ffdb87&utm_campaign=77F8DA5B-9982-431B-9E20-444163A3CF79&utm_content=871C805C-E7D2-471F-B997-48633B4761A9&utm_source=brief ]
  • “DISINFORMATION – THE DELIBERATE SPREAD OF FALSE OR MISLEADING INFORMATION – by foreign and domestic politicians & grifters has ballooned in recent years. The U.S. has been unable to rein it in because the very subject has become a partisan, politicized issue, and the absence of common sense reforms – particularly requiring Transparency from social media companies and Identity of online advertisers – has enabled an environment of hearsay and an ecosystem that is riper for manipulation than ever… Platforms have actually rolled back many of the positive measures implemented during the Trump administration, while federal agencies have stopped cooperating with platforms or sharing intelligence for fear of litigation against government entities and employees…  As this next election cycle unfolds, expect disinformation to only grow more pervasive and harder to contain.”  [FOREIGN AFFAIRS – 2/7/24]
  •  BLUE-COLLAR AND WHITE-COLLAR JOBS ARE INCREASINGLY BEING REPLACED BY A ‘NEW COLLAR’ WORKFORCE. The evolution of technology has reshaped strategic and operational priorities in most business sectors, which now require employees to be work-ready, as labor market priorities have transformed to a “breed of jobs that prize skill & capability over the pedigree of a traditional college education – i.e. tangible and practical aspects of knowledge over the formality of degrees. From digital classrooms of online courses, intense focused training of vocational bootcamps, apprenticeships, on-the-job training, and self-directed learning, skillsets are available in IT/ cybersecurity/ data analytics/ cloud computing/ healthcare/ advanced manufacturing and are redefining what it means to be employable and successful in a rapidly transforming economy, with workers demonstrating competencies through industry certifications, curated portfolios and direct experience… This shift is not merely a trend; it’s a response to the real-world demands of industries racing to keep up with the pace of innovation.”  [THOMAS FREY – 2/8/24]

 Amazing rendition of We Are The World: 19 artists, one ventriloquist:   https://biggeekdad.com/2024/02/19-impressions-of-singers/

 Determined Los Angeles Graffiti Artists tagged 27 floors: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/graffiti-artists-tag-27-floors-of-an-empty-skyscraper-development-in-los-angeles-180983749/

 California ‘Right to turn on Red’ regulations were amended by the Legislature, effective 2024. UPDATE: (1) Full Stop before the crosswalk, limit line or intersection entrance; (2) Pedestrians, cyclists & cross traffic right-of-way; (3) with extra caution for children, elderly and those with apparent disabilities. Failure to adhere can result in citations and substantial fines.