• EVIDENCE SUPPORTS THE FACT THAT “INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY, skills acquisition and performance toward achievement of goals & objectives can be enhanced as much by mentally visualizing, as by physically performing, according to neuroscientific research. Also, it turns out that multi-tasking can lead to errors and decreased productivity, by fragmenting attention, heightening stress & fatigue, and limiting deep understanding and creativity.” [DEVELOPMENTAL EXCELERATIONS INC]
  •  DISCUSSIONS ABOUT CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES INCREASINGLY TURN INTO POINTLESS ARGUMENTS, wasting energy, polarizing positions, and straining relationships. One major factor is typically due to poor listening, as people are immediately thinking about their counter-argument instead of trying to grasp the other’s point of view. Transforming conversations from clashes of opinion to genuine exchange of ideas requires Listening, facilitated and evidenced by: (1) attention/ eye contact/ avoiding distractions like smartphones; (2) paraphrased responses to ensure having heard what was said; (3) non-judgmental attitude to demonstrate awareness of the other’s position. These behaviors can usually help create ‘positivity resonance’ by helping the other person feel less defensive and allowing them to reciprocate by listening better, as well as constructively influencing attitudes toward dispute resolution or widened perspective controversial issues. If not, DCG Informal Mediation is always an option.
  •  THE VAST MAJORITY OF ‘ESTATE PLANNING’ involves Wills & Trust documents focused on minimization of taxes, and based on perception & circumstances at the time drafted or updated. Too often, these decisions omit consideration of the impact which split-up and distribution of estate assets may have on their heirs – children, grandchildren, siblings, etc. – especially with generation-skipping ‘control from the grave’ provisions. And, unfortunately, this may lead to resentment, conflict, estrangement, and even litigation among beneficiaries within the families.  Dennis has depth of experience in these circumstances and offers courtesy consultation to minimize those potential impacts, and assist in Estate Plan updates if appropriate.
  •  AMERICAN HIGHER EDUCATION IS NOW IN THE HANDS OF A ‘WOKE PROFESSORIATE’ – some 1.4 million college instructors, 60% of whom identify as Left or Far-left with “intellectually close-minded mentality, who produce ill-informed, civically ignorant students. They are more intent on pursuing a political agenda than imparting basic knowledge & critical thinking skills to students, instead filtering curriculum around DEI focus on racial, ethnic, sexual and so-called gender identity – usually to the detriment of a well-balanced and comprehensive understanding of our nation’s past… Tenured faculty and university Administrators now prevent the appointment of young scholars who might have conservative views or even applicants researching what were once considered traditional topics, especially in the humanities, in today’s radical approach to reforming the American university by ‘reimagining’ the curriculum, without regard for the destructive effects on students and society.” https://thepricklypear.org/as-long-as-universities-are-identity-obsessed-america-will-have-a-surplus-of-stupid-students/

A New York Appellate court ruled last this week that non-citizens cannot vote in municipal elections in accordance with state law. If the absurd policy (scheme) had been allowed to stand, some 900,000 non-citizens, including non-registered illegal migrants, could have cast votes in NYC.  RNC challenges are still underway in Arizona, Texas and Vermont. 

 U.S. law does not give the federal government authority of Health Matters (leaving it to the States) even though federal agencies chose to issue directives during the pandemic on masking, vaccines, school closures, etc. The Biden Administration is attempting to circumvent States authority by supporting the current negotiation of a World Health Organization ‘Pandemic Treaty’ which, “once signed by members will be legally binding,” and includes WHO authority to coordinate & distribute supply chains for vaccines, medicine & medical products” in future situations.   [EPOCH TIMES]

A stark conservative perspective on the current fundamental fubar transformation of America.  https://townhall.com/columnists/allenwest/2024/02/19/incompetence-or-intentional-fundamental-transformation-of-america-n2635412