• POST-PANDEMIC BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION IS ESSENTIAL to survive the “seismic shift in business landscape, accelerating changes in consumer behavior, work arrangements and digital transformation.” For small businesses, the principal characteristics and critical factors involve digital presence, cybersecurity, supply chain protection, ensuring customer/client experience, and probably most important: workforce infrastructure – i.e. employee recruitment and retention, given worker expectations of flexibility, remote work options, and increased work-life balance. Moreover, “skills once considered peripheral have ascended to paramount importance, reshaping the very fabric of the workforce, including digital literacy, remote team management, adaptability, cybersecurity acumen, emotional intelligence.” DCG and our affiliates have expertise in this arena. Let us help strategically guide your business to productivity, profitability and sustainability in today’s world.                                            For in-depth perspective, see: https://futuristspeaker.com/future-of-work/understanding-how-post-covid-startups-are-different/#:~:text=The%20post%2Dcovid%20startup%20world,daring%20enough%20to%20embrace%20it.
  •  AS AMERICA EDGES CLOSER TO SOCIALISM with government economic control, be aware that this is “the end point of the Leftist belief system, fundamentally based on premises that: (1) Government is the tool to utopia, with totalitarian elites ruling, since human equality is ridiculous, some evolve to a superior status and know best how to conduct mankind’s affairs; (2) The cornerstone is atheism. Since there is no ‘God’ and the only limitations to Right or Wrong are those which man establishes, allegiance to anything but the established Leftist intellectual standard must be destroyed or at least controlled by the ruling class; (3) Family is also an enemy because parents might teach things contrary to elite-approved ideals. Therefore, the State must control children’s education, encouraging anything contrary to traditional religious-based family values (homosexuality/ transgenderism/ abortion/ extra-marital sex/ same-sex marriage/ etc.); (4) For mankind’s good, any rebellious, intellectually-inferior ‘common people’ must be silenced – either through censorship threats, imprisonment or, if necessary, death. Since Leftists don’t believe in the sanctity of life, mass murder (as in China) is inconsequential; (5) Capitalism, with its freedom and uncontrollable markets, is rejected and, without any absolute morality except what will lead to power, anything goes – lying, stealing, murder. Nothing is forbidden if it leads to dominance.” [TOWNHALL – 4/1/23]
  • FYI, PERSPECTIVE FROM ASIAN MEDIA: “THE WEST WILL END, either from gradual weakening of global influence and domestic well-being, or in disaster… The entire U.S. foreign policy community now shares the basic tenets of neoconservatives – that all means at its disposal should be used to establish American global dominance, with readiness to act preventatively to stymie the emergence of any power that could challenge its hegemony, with ideals & values relegated to an auxiliary role… Americans are too attached to exalted self-image, too narcissistic (collectively and individually), lacking in self-awareness, and too leaderless to adapt to the current turning point in international power relationships, leaving a diminished, aggrieved but unrepentant trans-Atlantic community, and dissipating their standing in the eyes of the world outside the West (representing two-thirds of humanity)… Assumption that the West remains custodial of global affairs has proven a fantasy, with comprehensive failure in Afghanistan and Ukraine, while the Sino-Russian partnership is now ensconced as a rival to the West in every respect.”  https://asiatimes.com/2024/03/this-is-the-way-the-west-ends/
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:  “Without Freedom of Speech, we would not know who the idiots are.”

“There is nothing wrong with the planet. Earth has been here 4½ billion years; we’ve been here maybe 200,000, and only been engaged in heavy industry a little over 200 years. And we have the conceit to think that somehow we’re a threat? The planet isn’t going away. We are.” – GEORGE CARLIN

The federal Government Accountability Office reports that “improper or incorrect payments” last year exceeded $236 Billion – more than funded the U.S. Army, and the combined spending of Homeland Security + NASA + Dep’t of Education. Medicare/Medicaid portion exceeded $100 billion with the balance coming from 70 other programs. Since 2003, wasteful spending has exceeded $2.7 Trillion. Going forward, the latest $1.2 Trillion budget includes $880 million for middle-eastern countries’ border protection (not ours!) and over eight-thousand ‘pork-barrel earmarks’ like political district museum or opera house renovations and social justice centers.

Bill Maher on the idiocy of Americans’ Covid restrictions four years ago: