• TODAY’S WORKERS ARE “EAGER FOR CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK.” A McKinsey survey of 12,000 Manager-level employees found nearly three-quarters considering “candid, insightful feedback as critical to their own career development.” However, recent polls find as few as 5% of subordinate employees believing that Managers provide such feedback. This workplace disconnect is attributable to an “uncomfortable truth: that even in cases where people have little to lose, they underestimate how much others crave feedback – and even when the giver & receiver know each other well.” One recent study, reported in Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, found only four people in 200 surveyed (~2%) who said they would tell a female co-worker if they noticed a splotch of red marker on her nose. Business Execs & Managers should be encouraged to “get over their discomfort” and provide employees with impactful benefit to optimize their morale and retention. DCG ‘Lunch & Learn’ coaching can help.   [HARVARD BUSINESS WORKING KNOWLEDGE – 8/5/22]
  • “THE ERA OF LOST NUCLEAR WEAPONS MIGHT NOT BE OVER JUST YET… The U.S. alone has lost three nuclear bombs never located (a result of two military planes that collided over water), and at least 32 ‘Broken Arrow’ accidents (those involving catastrophically destructive, earth-flattening devices) have happened since 1950… And nothing is known about accidents from other countries, particularly the Soviet Union’s stockpile of 45,000 nuclear weapons as of 1986… One underwater explosion in the Pacific Ocean sank several ships instantly, killed the vast majority of animals either from the blast or later radiation poisoning, and turned an island chain so radioactive that it’s still contaminated today – like Chernobyl, an oasis for wildlife.” A disconcerting article: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20220804-the-lost-nuclear-bombs-that-no-one-can-find?utm_source=join1440&utm_medium=email&utm_placement=newsletter
  • BYE-BYE LIBERTY? Thoughts from 14 years ago:

It’s Election Night late, 2008, in the former land of the free. America turned a page today which could lock out liberty.

The masses, who are asses, got it ass-backwards for sure, and cast their votes against the past instead of for the future.

Angered, rightfully, at perceived ineptitude and greed of Mr. Bush’s cronies, along with his arrogant creed,

voters opted to move the pendulum far toward the other end. Many shrugged “what could be worse?” but failed to comprehend

that beyond a bungled foreign war and recession economy, disdain from other nations, or the rights of state autonomy,

is the real Threat to our society, indeed Western Civilization, from fanatical extremists bent on global capitulation.

Now that America has anointed a radical left position which espouses cooperation with extremists and socialism,

who plan to submit our future to the vote of world approval, ‘Liberty’ is eventually headed towards pink-slip removal.

Once ago, Americans had freedom to think as wished, to speak without concern about offending ‘sensitiveness,’

to fuel their minds and bodies with what anyone suggested, to work with whom they chose, unconstrained by ‘political correctness.’

Freedom began to dissipate when personal frustrations of flower-powered adolescents with naïve imaginations

regulated communications just so others wouldn’t “feel bad” – limiting what can be said and to whom. How incredibly sad! 

Soon left-wing liberals and extremists will push for full control over behaviors of the rest of us (their fundamental goal),

and more absolute and rigid rules will become priority – eventually resulting in the lock out of liberty.                   Dennis Gray



Visions of the future, as it was seen 20 years ago: https://gizmodo.com/what-we-thought-the-future-would-look-like-in-2002-1849058630/slides/8  

Just who are the Federal Agencies preparing to battle? According to the Gov’t Accountability Office, IRS spent $730K last year on five-million bullets for its 4,500 weapons including fully automatic firearms; The Environmental Protection Agency owns 600 guns; NASA is equipped with machine guns and AR15s; Even the Smithsonian employs over 600 armed Agents.