Weekly Report 23-12

  • NOW, DEFINITAVELY, “THE VALUE OF WEARING MASKS DURING THE PANDEMIC WAS ZERO. The most rigorous analysis of 15 randomized clinical trials by Cochrane (the world’s largest & most respected organization for evaluating health interventions, funded by NIH) concluded that: (1) Masks trap concentrations of pathogens that allow viruses to spread by aerosol even when worn correctly; and (2) There is no doubt that masks caused social, psychological and medical problems, including ‘mask-induced exhaustion syndrome’… One of the worst mistakes of CDC and other lavishly funded federal agencies was failure to conduct randomized clinical trials to determine effectiveness, while ignoring best available evidence, before peddling shoddy science to defend its policies… Despite hundreds of millions of Americans dutifully covering their faces in states with mandates, the cumulative rates of covid cases are virtually identical, and rates of mortality actually lower, in those states without mandates.” [CITY JOURNAL – 2/17/23]
  • ENVIRONMENTAL AND POLITICAL ACTIVISTS HAVE EXPANDED THEIR TACTICS TO ‘SWATTING’ ATTACKS. These involve I.D. spoofing hackers who impersonate a victim, call emergency services to claim a shooter or hostage or other violent crime is actively in progress at a home residence, and which usually leads to a significant and potentially dangerous law enforcement response. That tactic has been typically limited to high-profile celebrities/ politicians/ influencers/ or specific enemies of deranged people, but recently has been directed against high-ranking American company C-suite execs & Directors. Over thirty bogus Swats in the last month have been clustered in L.A., San Francisco, Chicago & Boston, targeting pharmaceutical/ healthcare/ biomedical/ insurance/ and eSports gaming industries. [CORPORATE BOARD MEMBER – 2/17/23]
  • D.E.I. – DIVERSITY/ EQUITY/ INCLUSION – ABSURDITY HAS REACHED ANOTHER LEVEL, with a Presidential Executive Order this week “embedding the tenets of Critical Race Theory into all departments of the federal government. The Order dictates ‘Equity Teams’ whose stated goal is to deliver ‘equitable’ outcomes to underserved communities” — effectively an excuse to exercise increasing control over American lives and wealth in order to redistribute up to 50% further bump in procurement dollars toward favored interest groups, during the remainder of this administration’s control. “The intellectual bankruptcy of the DEI stupidity is in the fact that it sees 100% of all problems as racial”; the notion that unequal ‘outcomes’ are caused by systemic racism is absurd. Communities have different outcomes because people have different IQs, sports abilities, religious perspectives, commitments to ‘family,’ etc. etc. Just another Democrat Party grab for power and votes. [RED STATE – 2/19/23]
  • THE LEFT’S DISINFORMATION RACKET IS SUCCESSFULLY CENSORING CONSERVATIVE VOICES with a strategy of high-profile politicians threatening: (1) to remove Section 230 liability *protections for platforms, and (2) Regulation, unless they “crack down on ‘misinformation’ as based on a secret ‘dynamic exclusion list’ of conservative news outlets, developed by an Advisory Panel made up of leftist journalists and academics… Topics included on the GDI Blacklist include Covid-19 origins, mask effectiveness, abortion, and narrative related to corrupt elites.. while highest & safest ratings go to NPR/ NY Times/ Washington Post/ Huffington Post/ Buzzfeed – all Russia Collusion disinformation spreaders,” just for a start. Technically, by setting their own declared Gold Standards with purported authority to give Conservatives blackmarks for not adhering to their rules, it has become a “convoluted web of mafia-like censorship to squelch debate” which qualifies as Racketeering. [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 2/14/23]

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Of the thousands of ‘bots’ which control fake media profiles to spread propaganda and disinformation across the planet, one (called AIMS – Advanced Impact media Solutions) controls a vast army of some 30,000 avatars with fake profiles on Twitter/ Facebook/ Gmail/ Instagram/ Amazon and Airbnb where hacking focus includes meddling in elections. [THE GUARDIAN]

Technological innovation is at another explosive level from ‘Chatbots’ powered by artificial intelligence. ChatGPT is leading the field, having garnered over 100 million users in its first two months; next in line are Bard from Google, Bing from Microsoft, Galactica from Meta, and others with names like Claude and Ernie. “ChatGPT often gets things wrong and is “likened to a ‘mansplainer’ – supremely confident in answers, presented as gospel truth, regardless of accuracy, bias, prejudice and/or misinformation.” But the battle for Search is on.  [ECONOMIST]

“Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other… The American adage that anybody could become President is looking more believable… We’d all like to vote for the best man, but he’s never a candidate… Instead of give politicians the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks.”