February 24, 2013

Weekly Report 13-09

‘CONTINGENCY PLANNING’ FOR DISASTER – INCLUDING THE EARTHQUAKE which experts say is coming sooner than later – is prudent business strategy, and not overwhelmingly complicated. The objective is to ensure that if/when your systems are down and/or workforce can’t get to the office your company, as best possible, can stay in business. The most critical... Continue
February 17, 2013

Weekly Report 13-08

THE U.S. GOV’T HAS FORMALLY ADMITTED “BEING AFRAID TO PROSECUTE” THE BIG BANKS. The risk of “destabilizing the banking system… and global instability” is how the Justice Dep’t rationalized recently settling for cash instead of criminal prosecution in two huge banking scandals: (1) HSBC, which committed the “largest drug-and- terrorism money-laundering case ever” got away... Continue
February 10, 2013

Weekly Report 13-07

“WHEREAS STRATEGY IS ABSTRACT AND BASED ON LONG-TERM GOALS, TACTICS ARE CONCRETE AND BASED ON FINDING THE RIGHT MOVE NOW… Questions, and discovering the right ones, are the key to staying on course… The wave of information threatens to obscure strategy, to drown it in details and numbers, calculation and analysis, reaction and tactics. To... Continue
February 3, 2013

Weekly Report 13-06

THE PRIMARY GOVERNING DOCUMENT IN ANY BUSINESS IS ITS OWNERS’ OPERATING AGREEMENT. Whether structurally set up for Shareholders, Partners or Members, this is the document which “is supposed to provide the basic ‘blueprint’ for development, operation, expansion, diversification, sale, etc… but gets rarely read until some major crisis has arisen,” and often then gives little... Continue
January 27, 2013

Weekly Report 13-05

IT’S NOW BEST TO JUST “ASSUME YOU’RE UNDER GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE.” The National Security Agency is building a new $2 billion data center to store data already flowing from thousands of government and some thirty-million commercial cameras which “record your image at banks, tollbooths, grocery stores and public places… Online, emails and website searches are being... Continue