July 8, 2024

Weekly Report 24-29

AS JULY 4th ‘INDEPENDENCE’ CELEBRATIONS COMMENCE, “THE SAD FACT is that America’s current generation of foreign policy leaders is ill-equipped to address the strategic challenges facing our nation… They lack personal experience, or even intellectual grounding, having matured during a unipolar moment in which the U.S was the only major player on the world’s stage,... Continue
July 7, 2024

Weekly Report 24-28

‘SNIOP’ IS AN ACRONYM FOR ‘Susceptible to Negative Influence of Other People,’ like advice from failing students or stalled workers on how to succeed, or gossiping ladies on how to have a good relationship, couch potatoes on how to stay healthy, etc. The alternative to success is to (1) Flat out ignore advice from SNIOPs;... Continue
June 18, 2024

Weekly Report 24-27

IN TODAY’S DIGITAL WORLD, business is in a steady state of change and evolution which contribute to employee distraction and frustration: new applications and collaborative tools, constant interruptions, annoyance at needing to adapt to new procedures – all of which lead to loss of productivity. Leadership steps to help overcome these challenges include: (1) Anticipating... Continue
June 15, 2024

Weekly Report 24-26

SURPRISE FOR MANY ABOUT CELL PHONES: (1) Based on a 10-year government study, Electronic Radiation (EMR) from cell phones, as well as laptops & tablets, is confirmed as emitted within a few inches of the device and can penetrate most materials including wood/plastic/pillows/blankets/& clothes. (2) CA Dep’t of Public Health guidelines advise keeping instruments away... Continue
June 6, 2024

Weekly Report 24-24

ONGOING STUDENT PROTESTS AGAINST ISRAEL HIGHLIGHT TROUBLESOMEGENERATIONAL DIFFERENCES which “may portend a future political distancing with the U.S.” Reality is that most have little if any knowledge of history or true HAMAS terrorist objectives, and are responding to lies & half-truths from social media led by non-student and paid Agitators. But multiple polls of Gen... Continue