February 25, 2024

Weekly Report 24-10

      EVIDENCE SUPPORTS THE FACT THAT “INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY, skills acquisition and performance toward achievement of goals & objectives can be enhanced as much by mentally visualizing, as by physically performing, according to neuroscientific research. Also, it turns out that multi-tasking can lead to errors and decreased productivity, by fragmenting attention, heightening stress & fatigue, and... Continue
February 19, 2024

Weekly Report 24-08

LATEST MAJOR INCREASE IN eMAIL ATTACKS ARE THROUGH ‘QUISHING’ – using QR codes to bypass spam filters and the suspicions of particularly business execs & managers who typically focus on URL typos. Instead, QR codes hide the phishing links inside their image contained in an email, or on QRs posted directly in physical spaces (e.g.... Continue
February 19, 2024

Weekly Report 24-09

“MEMORY CAN NEVER BE PERFECT. Memory is fallible and malleable, regardless of age, since the brain processes incalculable amounts of info at any given time, with limited room to be stored. So ‘forgetting’ and memory ‘lapse’ is normal at every stage of life, while the brain must prioritize ‘important’ matters – the concepts and generalized... Continue
February 9, 2024

Weekly Report 24-07

CONFLICT OVER ISSUES BETWEEN PEOPLE WITH DRASTICALLY & FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT VIEWS about a topic, where no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer really exists, often reach a point of debate where nothing can budge and rational argument can go no further.  At that point in personal & social situations where no apparent resolution is possible, the conflict... Continue
February 2, 2024

Weekly Report 24-06

90% OF BUSINESSES ARE FAMILY-OWNED with intention, expressed or not, of preserving multigenerational continuity. The vast majority fail, however, to focus on the challenge of preparing their next generation for transition – a common result of family and cultural dynamics. DCG experience has confirmed that a few core strategies are critical to transition and succession:... Continue