September 29, 2023

Weekly Report 23-51

HIGHER EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SHOULD ALWAYS BE AN OBJECTIVE OF MANAGERS, and many presume that engineering worker friendships is part of their role. But many studies suggest this is a mistake when Managers wade into the business of friend-making, for reasons including: (1) The defining characteristic of friendship is that it’s voluntary, with employees neither needing... Continue
September 25, 2023

Weekly Report 23-50

INSTITUTIONAL DEBT, PRIVATE EQUITY, AND NON-EXTORTIVE PERSONAL FUNDING MARKETS ARE INCREASINGLY TIGHTENING, as revenue generation and equity valuations remain strained by office vacancies, hybrid and part-time work, business & family migration, corporate downsizings, and inflationary impacts on capital expenditures, as well as diminished consumer capacity. Today’s financial landscape is consistently shifting, including penalties for even... Continue
September 25, 2023

Weekly Report 23-49

“THE HISTORY OF GOVERNMENT IS THE STORY OF BUREAUCRACY. The Internal Revenue Service is a clogged artery in the beating heart of bureaucracy – processing 150 million business & personal returns every tax season, but with a current backlog of 10.5 million plus some five million pieces of taxpayer correspondence. Despite major increases in funding... Continue
September 8, 2023

Weekly Report 23-48

EVEN WHEN LEADERSHIP STRATEGY IS WELL-DEVELOPED, IT’S MANAGERS WHO ARE CRITICAL to effectively implementing strategy, by leading their teams toward common objectives and coaxing optimal productivity. Optimally effective Managers generally: (1) Clearly communicate direction & expectations to their staff and monitor consistently to ensure alignment; (2) Meet regularly with individual workers to coach, develop, and... Continue
September 1, 2023

Weekly Report 23-47

PERFORMANCE OF MILLENNIAL AND Z-GEN EMPLOYEES WHO CAN MULTI-TASK is generally regarded as optimally efficient, but this is arguable according to various studies. Yearly, over 300 million tweets and two-trillion text messages have affected the mental focus and attention span of Americans, basically by shifting attention from boredom over ads that are bombarded to attract... Continue