October 22, 2020

Weekly Report 20-89

THE PRESSURE ON NON-FAMILY BUSINESSES TO GENERATE SHORT-TERM PROFITS is often to the detriment of long-term performance, stability and Valuation. “Strong empirical evidence shows that companies seeking long-term results outperform in the interest of both investors & stakeholders,” and that executives & managers can help sustain value creation by: (1) resisting temptation to make up... Continue
October 20, 2020

Weekly Report 20-88

PANDEMIC LOCKDOWNS HAVE FOSTERED THE COURAGE TO BEGIN MANY NEW BUSINESSES, either by necessity or in response to stir-craziness. Be aware that for tax-purposes: (1) HOBBY activities can generate taxable revenue without deduction for any related expenses. The primary test to distinguish ‘business’ nature of the activity is whether it was “conducted with continuity, regularity,... Continue
October 17, 2020

Weekly Report 20-86

MANAGING CYBERSECURITY AT HOME FOR YOUR KIDS IS A DAUNTING TASK, but certainly should be consistently taught. At least two-thirds of children aged 3 -18 have access to the internet at home, many with multiple social media accounts, along with access for searches and/or in-home classwork as pandemic lockdowns continue. Reducing risk of data breach... Continue
October 17, 2020

Weekly Report 20-87

TEAM COLLABORATION IS CHALLENGING WHEN WORKING REMOTELY, but with clear strategy and a structured approach virtual collaboration can still be very effective. Tips to avoid “spending more time talking about doing things than actually getting them done: (1) Set regular agenda meetings with assigned persons to facilitate, take notes & distribute to avoid wasting time... Continue
October 11, 2020

Weekly Report 20-85

INDEFINATELY WORKING FROM HOME” has just been announced by Microsoft as an option to employees, along with option for a hybrid half-time office work week, “as long as their job doesn’t require in-person work, like hardware engineers… now allowing employees to live anywhere in the U.S., even when it would be safe to return to... Continue