July 19, 2022

Weekly Report 22-38

CYBERSECURITY RISK IS “ARGUABLY THE GREATEST RISK FACING COMPANIES TODAY, both from an operational and reputational perspective.” As well as Compliance, prioritization of ‘Threat Intelligence’ is also critical – i.e., “determining the risk protection program based on risk assessments, to ensure relevant and appropriate protections are implemented, including commitment to Strategic Communication around internal &... Continue
July 15, 2022

Weekly Report 22-37

BUSINESS LEADERS GENERALLY BLAME FAILURES IN STRATEGIC INITIATIVES on “unpredictable changes in the competitive environment, i.e., unforeseen events and trends. However, several recent studies found that more typically it’s about failure to anticipate and navigate ‘adaptive challenges’ …predictable but unarticulated losses stemming from organizational inertia and employees’ resistance relating to (1) power, money, prestige, career... Continue
July 9, 2022

Weekly Report 22-36

IT TURNS OUT THAT $800 BILLION OF PPP FUNDS – the federal ‘Paycheck Protection Program’ to support workers during the pandemic – “did not support jobs at risk of disappearing, with three-quarters of benefits instead flowing to unintended recipients, including business owners, creditors and suppliers rather than workers.” According the Federal Reserve Bank study, 72%... Continue
July 1, 2022

Weekly Report 22-35

EMPLOYEE RECRUITING CAUTION: ONLINE JOB INTERVIEWS USING DEEPFLAKE TECHNOLOGY which allows superimposed videos/ images/ audio recordings is increasing. Last month, recruiters found North Korean scammers posing as American job candidates for crypto and Web3 startups, and FBI reports that known complaints most involve real-time video “tied to remote tech roles that would have then granted... Continue
July 1, 2022

Weekly Report 22-34

ESTIMATES SUGGEST THAT WE NOW “SPEND YEARS OF WASTED TIME – almost a decade of minutes looking at our phones, four months deciding on what to watch on streaming services, and “utterly pointless work activities” including:  (based on recent survey of 5K American & British workers), 145 days of ‘logging in,’ 180 days correcting typos,... Continue