Weekly Reports

May 21, 2020

Weekly Report 20-34

  • A TYPICAL ADULT IS NOW SPENDING 13 HOURS DAILY ON COMPUTER SCREENS – some 300,000 hours over their age 18 – 80 lifespan. According to a recent 2000-adult British survey, time is being spent on average: 4 hours laptop, 3½... Continue
  • May 16, 2020

    Weekly Report 20-33

  • THE COVID-19 CRISIS WILL FOMENT PERHAPS THE GREATEST WORKFORCE SHIFT IN MODERN HISTORY as result of unprecedented disruptions to our economy. Many who are presently furloughed or unemployed because of company distress or isolation restrictions are being forced to rethink... Continue
  • May 12, 2020

    Weekly Report 20-32

  • THE LATEST RANSOMWARE ATTACK IS MEGA-MAJOR, against an Entertainment Industry law firm, threatening to release a terabyte of private legal secrets from the world’s biggest music/tv/movie/sports celebrities & agents including Streisand/DeNiro/EltonJohn/LadyGaga/Aguilera/Madonna/Kiss/U2/LeBron/Kaepernick/ Facebook/iHeart/Sony/HBO and the like. Data published so far includes... Continue
  • May 10, 2020

    Weekly Report 20-31

  • IN TIMES OF CRISIS, COMMUNICATION BECOMES AN EVEN MORE CRITICAL ELEMENT IN EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP. Beyond explaining to workers ‘what’ and ‘how’ changes in routine and behavior are necessary, even when a matter of urgency, leaders often forget that people, especially... Continue
  • May 7, 2020

    Weekly Report 20-30

  • SOME 60% OF AMERICANS NOW WORKING AT HOME WANT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY after coronavirus restrictions are lifted, according to Gallup polling. While employers are concerned with ‘slacking off’ and loss of productivity, and researchers “warn that problem solving... Continue