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  • THE STRESS AND UNCERTAINLY THAT AMERICAN SOCIETY IS ENDURING from today’s financial volatility, including conflict in our relationship with the global economy, is far from settling down. The critical causes are absence of “solid policy frameworks and stable institutions resulting from: (1) Haphazard grouping of multiple governmental policy objectives – like incentives to support domestic production & job creation versus climate control initiatives; (2) Deployment of policy measures without a comprehensive assessment of impacts – like inflation versus unsustainable public debt; (3) Citing ‘defense’ as focus and foundation for monetary and fiscal strategies – like rerouting supply chains and using tariffs for leverage on non-trade related issues such as human or labor Rights.”  As new economic framework is emerging, companies and investors will continue to face increasingly non-transparent and unpredictable obstacles to prudent direction for optimal growth, profitability, stability and valuation.  [FINANCIAL TIMES – 3/12/24]  DCG  Advisory perspective can help navigate these obstacles. Call us for courtesy consult.
  • WHEN WILL AMERICANS GRASP THE “BALEFUL REALITIES belying the cancerous weed masquerading as Diversity/ Equity/ Inclusion?  Universities have become forces of destruction, under the guise of celebrating differences and championing diversity, dedicated to ‘othering’ anyone not totally committed to the Progressive catechism, which itself is constantly shifting & evolving… (The never-ending redrawing of lines between oppressors & oppressed has led, for example, to the eye-watering stupidity of activists declaring ‘Queers for Palestine’ – where they could be killed for their choices)… The Quest for Cosmic Justice has led to college & university graduates who become managers, principals, administrators, vice-presidents, CEOs, and given rise to an activist professional class whose entire livelihood is dedicated to perpetuating dogmatism to others, while extremism is painted as a protest and vice is promoted as virtue… But, as Milton Friedman put it, ‘a society that puts equality of outcome ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom, and the use of force will end up in the hands of people who use it to promote their own interests’.”  [WASHINGTON EXAMINER – 3/5/24]
  • PROPONENTS OF ‘BAIL REFORM’ in New York who had claimed that fewer than 2% of lawbreakers were re-arrested for violent crimes were winging it and now concede failure. Newest study from the John Jay College for Criminal Justice – a Center that has supported and wants bail reform – has found that two-thirds of people arrested for violent felonies have been rearrested within two years with over half for committing another felony. An earlier study published by Manhattan Institute also found re-arrest rates close to 70% for larceny/ burglary/ robbery/ criminal contempt while their prior case was still pending while Crime in New York has risen up to 40%.  [BEARING ARMS – 3/6/24]
  • WE’RE NOW IN AN AGE OF COMPLETELY FRACTURED POLITICS, with confidence in government at historic lows, even the crises of wars and pandemic during the last two decades having failed to unite public opinion. Instead, “each crisis has merely provided fodder for political factions to rally supporters and lambast their rivals. Although the U.S. still has economic advantage over all other countries, our political weaknesses have worsened, and public support for any federal mass mobilization strategies in event of War arising from geopolitical conflicts may be an impossible feat. So, going forward, escalation to major war looks less and less likely (a good thing) versus proxy, with information & economic warfare as better ways to sustain pressure on adversaries. Accordingly, the need to ensure domestic security and reduce popular discontent suggests a new mental framework is required for America to manage the increasing challenges posed by rivals.” [NATIONAL INTEREST.ORG – 3/3/24]

Last week, the 28th state in the nation passed ‘Constitutional Carry’ — allowing citizens to conceal their weapons without a government-issued permit, in accordance with 2nd Amendment rights. Despite rhetoric being amplified by mainstream media about ‘popular opinion’ limiting access to guns, the representatives of now over half of state legislatures are going the opposite direction, in response to increasing crime waves stemming principally from failure of police & district attorneys to enforce laws or jail criminals.

The advancement of both A.I. and Electronic Vehicles is at an accelerating pace such that Elon Musk now predicts by that by next year the world will “face electricity and essential power-generation equipment (chips & voltage transformers) which will bottleneck the supply chain.”  [IMPACT LAB]

The official slogan of the Washington Post, launched after Republicans took the Presidency and congressional control in 2017, is ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness.’ The paper’s ‘Fact-Checker’ in charge in speech suppression (since 2011) is a “self-appointed arbiter of truth, publishing opinion journalism masquerading as news, donning a false mantle of objectivity” in order to advance the cause of progressive liberalism, by utilizing a database classified as ‘lies’ within Donald Trump’s hyperbole & bravado, but which was ‘suspended’ three months ago for any comments from Joe Biden.  [PATRIOT POST]