Weekly Reports July 2019

July 26, 2019

Weekly Report 19-31

  • ‘SUCCESSION PLANNING’ IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT MANAGING TALENT to motivate & develop careers, while optimizing and protecting a company’s productivity, profitability & stability. Unless approached effectively, however, Succession Planning can be perceived as threatening: (1) to key employees who... Continue
  • July 19, 2019

    Weekly Report 19-30

  • ‘BURNOUT’ TO THE POINT OF FEELING EXHAUSTED/ANNOYED/UNAPPRECIATED AND CONSIDERING LEAVING YOUR JOB can mean that your position is really a mismatch. But often, a few tweaks can alleviate the frustration and restore balance. A few tips: (1) Realign boundaries relating... Continue
  • July 10, 2019

    Weekly Report 19-29

  • “GOOD LEADERS ACCEPT THAT REGARDLESS OF THEIR INTELLECT, EXPERIENCE, or the reassurance of those around them, decisions involve very human processes to which they are not immune… and know that too much certainty can blind them to strategic risk” –... Continue
  • July 2, 2019

    Weekly Report 19-28

  • • AN UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE OF SMARTPHONE OBSESSION IS LITERALLY IMPACT ON HUMAN HEADS. Nearly five hours average daily hunching over handheld devices has impacted over a third of 1,200 persons (in a study of Canadian men + women aged 18... Continue