Strategic Focus

Business Success Demands Structure, Systems and Leadership

The principal role of Executive Management is to coordinate people and implement procedures in order to facilitate an organization’s progress toward achieving measurable parameters, set with reference to a Business Plan which in most cases promotes productivity, excess revenue over... Continue

The Three Most Important Factors Why Businesses Fail

Statistics compiled by government agencies, researchers, consultants, politicians, reporters and others vary broadly but all support the fact that a huge percentage of new businesses fail in the early years, and that by year ten – for varying reasons –... Continue

Strategic Planning Is More Than A Business Plan

Our Firm has offered strategic planning services to our clientele since the early 1980’s, with consistently effective results. As the pace of technology quickens and as competitive forces increasingly threaten business margins, the importance of such planning has become more... Continue

Realities of Time Management

Most discussions and courses about time management focus on exercises to develop priorities—listing the tasks at hand in logical order of importance, and then doing those tasks without interruption. But the crux of time management is more about learning to... Continue

The Advisory Board: Often A Company’s Missing Link

In Public companies, the importance of a high quality and independent Board of Directors is recognized as generally critical to a company’s strategy, as well as highly relevant to investors’ perception of its valuation. In family or closely-held companies, where... Continue