Strategic Focus

Computerization is Impacting Workers’ Mental Health

Over several decades, research studies have consistently shown that social contact results in measurably improved health and longer lives for humans. More recent studies focusing on our wired workplace have specifically examined the impacts of people communicating increasingly “on-line” to... Continue

Disaster and Contingency Planning: A PRACTICAL APPROACH

The fundamental objective of disaster and contingency planning is business continuity — keeping operations running, providing professional services, maintaining client confidence, maintaining regular cash flow and similar strategic activities for survival. Being realistic about the exposure levels in such areas,... Continue

Help Keep Your Parents From Getting Scammed

An expert who’s been through it offers advice to keep elderly parents from getting fleeced My father, Paul, was valedictorian of his college class, a mechanical engineer who became CEO of a huge contracting firm involved in constructing many skyscrapers... Continue

How “Offshore” Entities Work

The fundamental concept behind business being conducted in a corporation or trust structure is simply limitation of risk. In order to encourage business enterprise, legislation was first adopted in American and European countries to limit potential losses by adventurous entrepreneurs... Continue

Managing Business in the New E-conomy

By Dennis Duitch, CPA, MBA Too often, business executives find themselves in the role of “juggler,” as the process of allocating scarce resources (time, capital, skilled labor) to the most critical business tasks or issues competes and conflicts with longer-range... Continue