• HOW SAFE ARE PACKAGES & MAIL THESE DAYS?  As with every other aspect of the coronavirus, uncertain. “While the RNA virus causing COVID-19 was found up to 17 days later, CDC says “very low risk for packages that have travelled over a period of days.” For packages arriving the say day, like food delivery services, FDA says “there’s no evidence of the virus being transmitted through food or packaging.” However, extra precautions can’t hurt: washing hands thoroughly immediately after opening, handling contents, and disposing of packaging. [CNET – 4/2/20]
  • DOUBLE-DIGIT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS INCREASING in many cities, as over 95% of Americans are now living under stay-at-home orders. “The corona-crisis has created a pressure-cooker situation for DV victims, exacerbating stressors and isolation that can make for a deadly mix… DV is rooted in power & control, so with victims stuck in close proximity with abusers, combined with job & financial losses, stress is inflamed. Moreover, the economic impact also makes it harder for survivors to plan an escape or hold on to their financial independence.” In Los Angeles, Haven Hills (havenhills.org), for which Dennis serves as a Board Director, provides safety, shelter, counseling, support & advocacy to more than 2,500 women & men every year. If anyone you know needs help, the 24-hour Crisis Line is 818-8876589. [CNN.COM – 4/4/20]
  • COMPLICATING PERSONAL AWARENESS OF CORONAVIRUS are a lot of crossover symptoms with seasonal allergies– particularly bad this year from both (1) higher than normal rainfall & temperatures which put pollen into the air earlier & longer; and (2) spending more time indoors due to lockdowns, surrounded by pets, dust mites and mold. ALLERGY symptoms not associated with coronavirus are post-nasal drainage & sneezing, itchy eyes/skin/throat/nose, mostly morning and/or windy day trouble. Treatment is allergy pills, vacuuming, changing sheets, using an air purifier, and cleaning up pet dander. CORONAVIRUS symptoms are fever above 100.4 degrees, scratchy throat & dry cough, wheezing, shortness of breath. Treatment is call a physician asap.  [IN STYLE – 4/1/20]
  • MEANWHILE, LATEST RISK is that “studies are consistent with aerosolization of virus from normal breathing… There is a possibility coronavirus could be spread via bio-aerosols, generated directly by patient’s exhalation in a room with no circulation, where people walking through later could inhale the virus.”  [NEOSCOPE – 4/3/20]
  •  “HISTORY WARNS THAT ANY CRISIS WILL RESHAPE the basic social & economic environment we take for granted.”  Preparing for the New Normal a few months (hopefully) from now will not allow us to ‘escape’ the way many are maintaining sanity today, by distancing not only physically, but also from news, politics, and social communication. No one can predict the “nature and duration of sheer chaos we’ll be enduring: medical, economic, financial, psychological, and social breakdown,” which demand personal sacrifice along with acceptance of restrictions on ‘freedom.’ For many, in the face of such uncertainty, fear, anxiety & stages of panic are surfacing and will increase as the corona-crisis continues. It’s critical to remember that “classic virtues – traits like trust, reliability, patience, perseverance, thrift, selflessness – which become hard currency in a Crisis, will remain our human tradition,” and we WILL endure.  [THE FOURTH TURNING – Strauss & Howe]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:  “The only thing ever achieved in life without effort is failure.” – St. Francis of Assisi

Check out the relationship of COVID to other causes of death daily in America:  https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/1712761/

China makes more than 90% of our antibiotics, vitamin C, ibuprofen and hydrocortisone, 70% of acetaminophen, and 40% to 45% of heparin, according to The New York Times. The last American penicillin plant closed more than 15 years ago.”