• AMAZON NOW CONTROLS VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING WE WATCH, through its domination of cloud computing and streaming services for video & theatrical movie production as well as distribution of web streaming. Nearly a third of the internet runs on AWS servers for over 560 million U.S. subscriptions alone (to Netflix/ Disney+/ Hulu/ HBO max/ Paramount+/ Discovery+/ Peacock/ Amazon Prime), along with some 1,600 television channels worldwide (including Fox/ Viacom-CBS/ Disney networks). “The impossibility of running a streaming service or movie company without paying Amazon is textbook anti-competitive behavior and illegal under antitrust laws, which the newly aggressive Federal Trade Commission has now opened an investigation into… When antitrust laws were first written, political cartoons depicted large companies as a giant octopus, with different tentacles constricting rivals. That imagery is now apt.”  [AMERICAN PROSPECT – 7/9/21]
  • “THE CARCINOGENIC EFFECTS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS EMITTED FROM CELLULAR PHONES has been of concern since their introduction decades ago, but multiple international case-controlled research studies report inconsistent results, other than increased risk of tumors after cumulative call time above 1,000 hours…  A recent meta-analysis of 23 published epidemiologic studies has now concluded that, in over half, long-term mobile phone use (over ten years) doubled the risk of brain tumors.  Keeping phones as far from head contact as possible is obviously prudent.  [INTERNAT’L JRNL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESRCH & PUBLIC HEALTH – 11/2/20]
  •  CRITICAL-RACE-THEORY UPDATE: THE NAT’L EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, America’s largest Teachers’ Union, has just adopted a six-figure campaign, including $60K increase in member dues, to finance counter-attacks on conservative organizations & influential individuals whose rhetoric disagrees with ideological anti-racist education (i.e. Critical Race Theory) that “tells white children they are perpetuating racism while telling black children they are locked out of the American Dream… For months, the official left-wing talking point has been that ‘CRT is NOT being taught in schools’ – repeated ad nauseum by liberal think tanks, mainstream media & progressive politicians  in attempt to gaslight parents wanting to protect their kids from indoctrination. But the NEA Resolution destroyed that narrative to dismay of woke allies. So, a few days after this month’s convention, every business item mentioning or related to CRT education stance was removed from the NEA website, deleting its pro-CRT stance to cover their tracks.” [NATIONAL REVIEW – 7/10/21]
  • ‘BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP’ HAS BEEN AMERICAN POLICY SINCE 1790 and ‘Anchor Babies’ have always been one of the significant incentives for emigrating to America. President Biden has issued an Executive Order expanding the policy to “(1) preclude ICE and Border Patrol from enforcing immigration law by banning arrest or detention of illegal migrants who are pregnant or gave birth during the past year; and (2) is ‘gender neutral,’ acknowledging the trans-men can also give birth, which agents are somehow supposed to know.” That all such babies born in the U.S. are also someday eligible voters is a by-product.  [ZEROHEDGE – 7/9/21]

 “The reward of simple kindness in life can be the greatest reward of all.”  https://biggeekdad.com/2014/04/reward-kindness/