• “O WOULD SOME POWER THE GIFT TO GIVE US: TO SEE OURSELVES AS OTHERS SEE US” (Robert Burns, poet). As conventional employee management increasingly conflicts with rapidly changing technology and millennial attitudes, the willingness and ability of Companies to adapt strategy has become a critical factor in optimizing productivity & profitability, positioning for Valuation, and implementing succession/exit plans.  DCG has developed a STAFF SURVEY model to determine (1) the degree of employee compatibility or dysfunction with goals & objectives of owners/manager, by examining their expectations and obtaining candid (personal/confidential) perspective on operational process & procedure; and (2) the effectiveness of internal communication, management style and company culture on motivation & retention.  This unique DCG service is time & cost-efficient, has proven effective in 100% of applications, and is offered during September/October on a 25% courtesy-reduced fee basis with guaranteed result satisfaction. Call Dennis for further discussion.
  • GLOBALLY, OVER TWO BILLION COCA-COLA SERVINGS GET DRINKED EVERY DAY, a quarter of all consumed carbonated beverages. While substantive concern has existed for years regarding the harmfulness of its secret ingredients (including impact on obesity and diabetes), Coke initially launched 125 years ago “in response to a health trend, reacting to the local temperance movement by removing alcohol from a medicinal ‘French Wine Coca Tonic.”  Next year’s marketing gimmick is a ‘cold brew machine’ (developed with Keurig) which will disperse single servings of coke at home.  [BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK – Aug 4, 14]
  • LATEST MALWARE WORRY: ‘BadUSB’ is an infected USB device which “can completely take over a PC, invisibly alter files and redirect Internet traffic… programmable to infect all USB devices subsequently attached, including thumbdrives, mice, keyboards and even Android phones… Since malignant code resides in the firmware that controls basic functions, it remains hidden long after the device is supposedly wiped clean of bugs… so even the most sophisticated antivirus software won’t detect it… The best solution for ordinary users is to avoid plugging a USB into any computer you don’t 100% trust, and don’t plug untrusted devices into your computer… Inconvenient, but this may save you from a very nasty surprise.”  [THE WEEK – Aug 15, 14]
  • DIVORCE PROPERTY SETTLEMENT can become unreasonably costly, time & energy consuming, horrendously stressful, publicly embarrassing, and often result in irreparable family dysfunction.  In divorce proceedings, “the need to feel control, or feeling of losing control” is a critical factor impacting each of six fundamental issues:  (1) Children; (2) Health – physical & mental); (3) Loss of love & intimacy; (4) Growth – personal & professional; (5) Fear – physical, emotional, psychological; and (6) Money – property & wealth. DCG can help with #6 – from decades of experience in Mediating the economic/ financial/ tax/ and emotional issues. Our non-binding process, in a neutral & relaxed setting which minimizes stress, guides parties to optimally effective and overwhelmingly cost-efficient resolution. Before disputes become enmeshed in the legal/litigation process, talk to Dennis about our track record in marital property settlements.  [PHILLIPS LERNER NWSLTR – Aug 8, 14]
  • PAINKILLER TIPS FOR THOSE WHO SWALLOW “ANYTHING THAT MIGHT HELP”: (1) Tylenol (acitominophen) is for headache or fever but not inflammation, swelling, or for hangovers since it may damage your liver;  (2) Advil (ibuprofen) works for head/body ache and inflammation but not cold or flu recovery, and too much can raise heart attack or stroke risk; (3) Aspirin is beneficial for head/body ache, tendonitis or bursitis but blocks blood from clotting and may also cause stomach ulcers. (4) Sleep-deprivation can increase pain sensitivity by 37%.  [MENS HEALTH – Sep 14]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:            DISTRACTION      DISTRACTION         DISTRACTION   -Just another meaningless message which helps keep you from paying attention to all of the issues which really matter.    Like this brilliant analysis & commentary on the palestine ‘conflict’http://youtu.be/8TqK-WLP-_s