• HAPPY NEW YEAR! JibJab summary of 2014: click  10th annual Year in Review!
  • BEWARE: FLU VACCINES ARE A QUESTIONABLE STRATEGY. Beyond provoking severe reactions in many, “according to the best scientific evidence available today, vaccinations only work against 10% of the circulating viruses…and there is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack… The reality is that vaccines not only do not work as advertised, but represent a significant health threat, due to their well-known role in compromising immunological self-tolerance (autoimmunity)….since injecting with a vaccine bypasses the three natural levels of defense (nasal passages, throat and lungs) and creates chaos in the immune system.” [GLOBAL RESEARCH and LUCYPOSTOLOV.COM BULLETIN – Dec 14]
  • DOES YOUR 2015 ‘ESTATE PLAN’ INCLUDE A TRUST PROTECTOR: someone to simply oversee the Trustee(s) and weigh in on critical decisions – either financial (like sale of business interests or assets, new investment strategies, transactions involving big numbers) or family issues (to best protect your original objectives ensuring that beneficiaries are provided for in the way you intended)? The idea is to protect the integrity of your Trust(s) plan in the event that confusion or conflict of interest may develop, or that trustee(s) may fail to manage assets in your heirs’ best interests. This could include deadlocks between co-trustees (especially if also beneficiaries), or to ensure that Trust strategies comply with & optimize new laws, reflect changed circumstances, etc. The role of Trust Protector is most appropriately filled by a ‘Trusted Advisor,’ knowledgeable in family matters as well as business & technical areas. DCG will be pleased to assist you in evaluating this strategy.
  • CYBERCRIME IS CONCEIVABLY TODAY’S GREATEST THREAT TO CIVILIZATION, impacting national security, the economy and the global power & communications grids. It’s now estimated that around 4½ new malicious programs are launched every second – some 400,000 a day – and that, of the businesses that have been breached involving more than a billion records, ”over three-quarters didn’t even know until they found out from a third party.” Worse, as the recent Sony fiasco confirms, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!  There are steps you can take to at least minimize the threat. DCG can help.  [BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK – Dec 20, 14]
  • TOILET TECHNOLOGY – THE NEXT DISRUPTOR – IS LOOMING. Over 30% of the water Americans use are for toilets, a system invented 130 years ago requiring “pipes under the floor and/or leach fields under the lawn, sewer systems running down the block… with 75% of our water bills for hauling away waste and running sewage treatment plants… The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 1.25 trillion gallons a year (combined usage of Los Angeles, Chicago & Miami) leaks from U.S. homes.” The Gates Foundation and several universities are now funding research to develop “high tech outhouses to powder & burn feces and flash evaporate urine, rendering everything sterile” while converting waste to fertilizer, table salt, fresh water & “enough power to charge your cell phone while taking a crap” along the way. [ABUNDANCE – Peter Diamandis]
  • THE REASON THAT SMART PEOPLE SOMETIMES DO DUMB THINGS is that “traditional IQ tests miss some of the most important aspects of real-world decision making… like (1) basic human tendency to default to the processing mechanisms that require less computational effort (the ‘easy way out’) when trying to solve problems; …(2) our tendency to evaluate a situation from personal perspective, weighing evidence and making moral judgments with a ‘my side’ bias, independent of measured intelligence; …and (3) from absence of specific knowledge (rules, data, procedures, strategies, probabilities, logic, etc) to think and act rationally, known as the Mindware gap… Intelligence does not encompass all cognitive abilities.” [SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN – Jan 1, 15]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE NEW YEAR:  This past year, the “average” American spent 20% of their life watching television – nearly 5 hours each day – and watched over 23 million pounds of fireworks blown off (costing government agencies and social venues well over $325 million), while a Pew Research Poll found that 23% had not read a single book.

     “Think about how stupid the average person is… and then realize that half of ‘em are stupider than that!”  – George Carlin

      “TIME is our most precious treasure because it is limited.  We can produce more wealth, but we cannot produce more time.     When we give someone our time, we actually give a portion of our life that we will never take back.” – Alexander the Great

                   Treasure it, protect it.  For Courtesy Guidance in Time Management, let DCG help!