• SELLING OR BUYING A BUSINESS IS USUALLY MORE ART THAN SCIENCE. Sellers predominantly aspire to ‘price’ – a number conceptualized from what something/somewhere sold for, or a broker put in their mind, a ‘valuation’ from some appraiser or accountant, imaginative perception of what the business ‘ought to be’ worth, or what they simply think is ‘needed’ for retirement. But that number is seldom with reference to what ‘value’ means in the eyes of a buyer – usually a combination of arithmetic related to ROI, strategic fit with other business activities, financial capacity, and always personal goals & objectives. From either seller or buyer direction, the key to a successful result is have reality-based clarity in the range of relevant issues to reach sensible compromise on transaction terms. DCG have decades of experience – representing separate or all parties – in business sale/acquisition strategy, positioning, negotiation, implementing and transitioning. Call us before your reality check bounces.
  • “DESPITE THE ADMINISTRATION’S POLICY FAILURES AT HOME AND ABROAD, SCANDALS AND LIES,” why do most major polls still show approval of the President’s job performance averaging around 45%? At least four major factors seem to play a part: “(1) Most Americans don’t care very much about or pay much attention to public affairs. Personal matters (family, work, play, entertainment health, etc) are far more important to the average person than is politics, so they just don’t know much; (2) Mainstream Media, remains infatuated with President Obama… Overwhelmingly left-wing democrats who report the news likely accept the belief that racism motivates any criticism and, since they are loath to express any sentiment that could be so construed, sing his praises and refuse to report anything that could be considered critical; (3) Public perceptions of the Presidency conceptualize the office as a democratic priest-king…supposed to exercise power for ‘the public good’…representing ‘all of the people’… While this results in a combination of unrealistic expectations, false hopes and willful misunderstandings which produce a dysfunctional relationship between ordinary Americans and their Chief Executive… most people are predisposed to give a President the benefit of the doubt and inflated public image… (4) Biased racial and partisanship support keeps poll data on job performance and personality higher than they otherwise would be.”   [AMERICAN THINKER – July 18, 15]
  • MEANWHILE, IN COUNTRIES WITHOUT OUR FREEDOMS, “BUREAUCRATS WILL STOP AT NOTHING when their backs are up against the wall, especially in a socialist regime.” In Venezuela, where the currency is tanking and U.S. dollars are traded in underground markets, authorities have now declared “the act of publishing black-market value of the dollar is now illegal.” in order to block access to even currency rate information, which is “provided by Google and Firefox search engine technology not under national control… the existence of Apps have now been officially banned.”  [FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE REPORT – July 15]
  • MORE DRUNKS ARE APPARENTLY BLUE-EYED. The genetic components that are tied to alcohol abuse are the same as those which determine eye-color. Research reported in American Journal of Medical Genetics found that ‘alcohol dependence’ in over 1,200 people with European ancestry was 80% higher among those with blue eyes. [LIVE SCIENCE.COM; THE WEEK – July 24, 15]
  • ‘MANAGEMENT’ ACCOUNTING DIFFERS FROM ‘FINANCIAL’ ACCOUNTING which is structured for summary reporting of historical information to banks, creditors or outside stakeholders. The objective of Management accounting is to provide “the kind of actionable operational data that can support and improve internal strategic decision making…with the most relevant information for analysis to generate and preserve value.” Regardless of company size, effective Managerial reporting can “derive value out of the ever-growing volume of information that is available in today’s data-driven business world… It’s absence can result in irrelevant and/or outdated data, a disconnect between departments, and misunderstandings of information presented.” DCG has depth expertise in guiding business strategy and implementation. Let us help your business.  [CFO EDGE NWSLTR – July 15]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: Why is it that Social Security for long-term workers is running out of money, but there seems to be all the money needed for welfare & food stamps to illegal aliens who’ve never contributed to the fund. 

     Taxpayer funding of the Congress is around $2 billion annually to make laws on behalf of the citizens (and, increasingly, the non-citizens). Corporations spend over $2.6 billion funding the lobbyists to make laws on behalf of their own profits & shareholders.