• MOST ADULTS SPEND OVER HALF THEIR WAKING HOURS IN WORK-RELATED ACTIVITY AND COMMUTE. Many recognize the importance of ‘work-life balance’ but far fewer are cognizant of the importance that ‘energy’ plays in maintaining life balance, particularly including motivation. There are four primary aspects of obtaining or depleting energy levels: Physical – related to how well or tired our bodies feel; Mental – stemming from analytical or thinking tasks; Emotional – derived from interpersonal connection with others; and Spiritual – evolving from perceived fundamental meaning from our efforts. To better manage energy: (1) Accept the fact that ‘recuperation’ time is essential; and (2) “Adopt ways to boost energy by identifying what drives & drains your personal energy levels, and incorporate these into daily routine” – some as simple as meditating, listening to music, smiling, a few moments with a child, or taking a few deep breaths and relaxing. [McKINSEY – 2/18/19]
  • ASTONISHING! 50% OF AMERICANS BORN AFTER 1980, known as generations Y and Z (aka Millennials and iGens/AppGens), “say they’d rather live in a socialist country,” according to the latest 2000-person Harris poll. Their ignorance is testimony to the lunacy of today’s education system. Meanwhile, half of House democrats voted last week to lower the voting age to 16, on the premise that “modern young people have earned a vote… proved by student movements now rallying for gun control and confronting senators over climate change legislation… Since the Constitution does not prohibit states from setting a lower voting age, Oregon is currently considering being the first to do that.” [THE HILL – 3/10/19]
  • CYBERSECURITY PROTECTION IS ALSO IMPORTANT FOR YOUR CAR, which is pretty much an extension of your computer or smartphone, where “sophisticated infotainment systems accumulate much of the same sensitive digital information (bank info, account names/passwords, contacts & numbers, text messages, etc)… which happens when you plug your phone into a rental car USB port, pair a Bluetooth device, or use the navigation system.” So when getting rid of a vehicle, it makes sense to ‘wipe clean’ as much as possible, by cancelling/transferring hotspots, streaming services, subscriptions, data plans, and by deleting phone book data, navigation addresses & maps, Bluetooth settings, garage opener, and other stored data. Many vehicles have a ‘factory reset’ feature with delete instructions in the Owner’s Manual, for this purpose.  [HOW STUFF WORKS.COM – 3/7/19]
  • FRUSTRATING NEWS FOR DISCRIMINATE FISH EATERS who care about avoiding high mercury content or protecting endangered species: DNA testing by government & private organizations keep finding mislabeling over half the time in samples from half the states in America, with “one in three stores & restaurants selling at least one mislabeled item.” The federal government does require ‘traceability and catch reporting’ for 13 types of seafood (including tuna, swordfish, king crab, mahi mahi, red snapper and Atlantic cod), but control is complicated since 80% of fish eaten in the U.S. comes from international sources involving fisherman, middlemen, distributors, along with retailer packaging & shelfing by people who have no clue about species distinctions. One alternative, which FDA approved just this month, is now genetically-modified salmon (to be produced by a land-based plant in Indiana), which unhappy activists refer to as Frankenfish. [CNN – 3/7/19]
  • NEW LAW FOR RETAILERS: ‘Use’ Tax is imposed on a buyer who consumes or stores an item subject to Sales Tax, when purchased outside the taxing jurisdiction. Beginning April 1, a seller with any physical presence in California is now required to collect & remit Use Taxes adopted by California localities, when annual sales exceed 200 separate transactions or $100K.
  •  THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:     California ranks #1 among the 50 states for percentage of residents (nearly 10%) above age 24 who never completed 9th grade, and 50th in the nation in percentage (17%) who never graduated from high school.

       You’ve never seen a masterful string orchestra performance quite like this: https://biggeekdad.com/2014/04/classical-ladies/

      A truly great commercial about reaching for dreams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6VVOmT0Vk8&feature=youtu.be               

      Biotechnology has progressed to the point where DNA matching could have a transformational impact on our entire species as monumental as invention of the Computer and development of the global positioning system (GPS). Genetic connections are increasing at a profound pace, with reliable matches for people from all age groups, cultures, locations & walks of life.