• SMARTPHONES GET CLUTTERED WITH STUFF WHICH SLOWS THEM DOWN AND WASTES TIME. Some tips on managing your usage more efficiently: (1) Delete apps you don’t or rarely use, especially for services where a website is just as convenient; (2) Launch remaining apps from the Search menu and reorganize the home screen to only those used frequently; (3) Free up storage by deleting messages – especially threads filled with GIFs, memes, videos & photos; by deleting attachments; and by setting a self-destruct time; (4) Back up videos & photos to an online cloud, then delete; (5) Same for podcasts, music services & video apps which hoard data and are seldom used (e.g. Amazon Prime Video which takes 2 gigs of space); (6) Consider ‘organizing’ folders by verb or action – e.g. Write, Contact, Read, etc – for easier & quicker access. [NEW YORK TIMES – 4/18/19]
  •  WHEN EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT CALLS FOR GIVING NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, it’s important to do so promptly, directly, clearly, and by avoiding mixed messages which cause confusion and lose the impact of the negative points. Leaders too often communicate bad news with cushioned ‘Feedback Sandwich’ methodology: i.e. positive, followed by negative, then more positive feedback. Example: “Your punctuality & work ethic are better than most, and I admire that. But we need you to get your numbers up, or we’ll be having a difficult discussion. Remember, I believe you show more promise than most others I’ve worked with.”  Other critical elements in feedback often overlooked are guidance in how to improve or remedy the problem(s), and follow up discussion based on results of taking that guidance, or not.  DCG can help.  [FORBES – 4/16/19]
  • SAN FRANCISCO’S HOMELESS POPULATION is now over 7,500 people living on the streets, a result of ‘sanctuary’ status for illegal aliens, limited public restrooms, decreasing supply of affordable housing, and skyrocketing rent prices. This situation has created a huge problem with human feces deposited on public streets – over 28,000 cases last year documented by SF Public Works, with the total number certainly much greater. The city employs a ‘Poop Patrol’ which focuses on keeping the Tenderloin neighborhood as clean as possible, but visitors report literally dodging feces on the sidewalks.  [LBN EXAMINER – 4/21/19]
  • THE LATEST INTERNET SCAM ADVERTISES FAKE AIRBNB LISTINGS WITH LINKS TO FRAUDULENT SITES. Victims are routed to a website that looks like Airbnb, showing images lifted from other legitimate listings along with fake reviews, but is actually a phishing page. So far, the scam has targeted deposits on properties in the U.K., but is likely to roll out to other cities & countries, and can just as likely target users of other services (like booking.com, craigslist.com) etc. Be wary of clicking on host invites; instead directly connect to official websites.  [KREBS ON SECURITY – 4/18/19]
  •  CONUNDRUMS ARE PROBLEMS OR QUESTIONS WHICH ARE PUZZLING & CONFUSING, like issues surrounding the push for ‘democratic socialism’ in America. For example, half the population is capitalist and presumably greedy, notwithstanding subsidies for the other half who believe they are victims – despite the fact that their standard of living & material possessions are things that people in other countries only dream about; they nonetheless protest that America should be more like those other countries. Meanwhile, their attention is largely focused: (1) on criticizing those who judge Islamists by the actions of a few lunatics, while demanding the judging all gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics; (2) absence of concern that Social Security protection (for workers who funded it) is going to run out of money, but expect that welfare & food stamp funds will never; and (3) that cutting benefits for veterans & pay for  military are necessary, but not payments or benefits to illegal aliens.  [INTERNET ANON]
  •  THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: “Men’s beards carry more bacteria than dogs do in their fur.” Researchers at a Switzerland Clinic found “nearly 40% tainted with microbes that are hazardous to human health.” 

         Zen is not easy.  It takes effort to attain nothingness. And then what do you have? Better to just remember to breathe in. Then breathe out. Breathe in, again breathe out.  Forget this and attaining Enlightenment will be the least of your problems.         

      “Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand, and for every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.”