• BUSINESS OWNERS BE AWARE OF WEBSITE ACCESSIBILITY REQUIREMENTS. California is the toughest enforcer of federal law which mandates that ALL content on websites be accessible to people with disabilities. The American Disabilities Act requires “all places of public accommodation to remove access barriers,” applying to every U.S. website regardless of purpose or company size, with fines of $4000 per violation plus attorney fees, and most websites may have hundreds. Compliance with complex technical standards & guidelines is outside the range of typical I.T. skills, so non-compliant companies & service organizations are increasingly being hit with nuisance litigation demanding settlement. DCG experts can eliminate this risk.



  • SNOWFLAKE UPDATE: (1) Both Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day have been renamed to ‘Acknowledgment Day’ by an Australian school whose Administration deemed “we no longer belong to a binary world,” and also renamed the fundraising stall (selling local merchandise) name to ‘Appreciation Stall’ after “some members of the community were offended”; (2) Harvard University “capitulated to a student mob of undergraduate woke activists who claimed to be traumatized” by the decision of two African-American law school faculty deans to join the defense team for Harvey Weinstein. Even having represented “thousands of poor, powerless clients, including the lawsuit against Ferguson Missouri, was of no concern to the kids – traumatized that the married faculty members’ dorm leadership had become toxic”; (3) The San Francisco Board of Education intends to remove a mural of George Washington that depicts slaves and native Americans which “traumatizes students by glorifying slavery, genocide, colonization, white supremacy, oppression, etc.”; (4) Kids concerned with “responsibly and respectfully navigating conversations about sex without risk of alienating or insulting another person” can now chat about flirting & sexting on an iOS app called JUICEBOX, built on an AI chat-bot named SLUTBOX, reports the New York Times.


  • ROUGHLY 116 MILLION AMERICANS WORK FULL-TIME, at least 35 hours/week and 50 weeks/year. Census Bureau stats classify workers as approximately 76% Private Sector,’ 15% Government employees, and 9% Self-Employed + unpaid family workers. Median earnings level in 2017 was $48,500, but Government median exceeded $53K and Self-Employed exceeded $50K, while Private industry workers median was below $47K.  Public sector payrolls & benefits always win.  [LBN EXAMINER – 5/19/19]


  • ANDROID OWNER MALWARE WARNING: Google’s recent security report noted a 100% increase last year in data harvesting apps, with over fifty Play Store downloads “pretending to be ‘lifestyle’ but which install click-fraud Adware (inside a soft-development kit) which make it look like the user is repeatedly clicking in order to generate ad revenue.” Sinbad was found in over 200 Android apps, each downloaded some 150 million times – over five million each from games like Hoverboard Racing, Ambulance Rescue Driving, Fire Truck Emergency Driver, Car Parking Challenge, Speed Boat Jet Ski Racing, Water Surfing car stunt, Snow Heavy Excavator, and Farming Tractor Simulator. Another trojan was Gutstuff which redirected investing apps (including BitPay, Coinbase, B of A, & Wells Fargo) to a fake page where hackers stole from accounts. Signs of infection are phone slower, battery drain faster, more pop-up ads, data limits exceeded and unfamiliar apps. [EN.SOFTONIC.COM – 5/23/19]


  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:   Be aware that Amazon keeps a copy of everything ALEXA records after it hears its name (and sometimes without a legitimate prompt), but allows access for customers to review the website and to delete the history. GOOGLE Assistant also keeps recordings from its smart home devices, but does allow customers a choice to avoid recordings. APPLE keeps recordings but neither allows ability to review or to avoid that process.


Check out KISSINGER – technology’s answer for kissing online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mFrcC73uI8


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