• “GOOD LEADERS ACCEPT THAT REGARDLESS OF THEIR INTELLECT, EXPERIENCE, or the reassurance of those around them, decisions involve very human processes to which they are not immune… and know that too much certainty can blind them to strategic risk” – which accounts for 60% of all overall business risk. Overconfidence typically stems from: (1) ‘Loving’ the product or project too much to see potential shortfalls; (2) Forgetting that what matters most is what stakeholders, customers & others think; (3) Failing to articulate Assumptions and then challenging ‘why’ or ‘how’ they’re believable; (4)  Resorting to denial or to ignoring potential conflict, rather than responding to discomfort with vigorous logic.   [FORBES – 6/26/19]


  • ‘RANSOMWARE’ ATTACKS GREW 500% IN THE FIRST QUARTER THIS YEAR, compared to last. Most companies don’t report attacks, but a huge number, along with hospitals and 170 government offices, have been interrupted or shut down over the last five years. The malware blocks access or encrypts data unless/until a ransom gets paid (generally by Bitcoin) or access to the entire computer system – daily electronic processes, data, records, everything – is literally lost forever. Steps to cybersecurity begin with an assessment by technology experts (like DCG affiliate: citadel-information.com) but protection is 100% dependent on consistent application of stringent policies & procedures, since “humans continue to be the weakest link.” Critical steps include:  (1) providing awareness & training; (2) daily cloud or offsite back-up; (3) limiting access to software installation;    (4) utilizing reputable anti-virus software; (5) performing 24x7x365 monitoring. Cyber intrusion is not about ‘if’ but ‘when’ and the risk is truly not worth it. DCG can help. [CALIFORNIA CPA – July 19]


  • SOME 48,000 AMERICANS DIE YEARLY FROM OPIOID-RELATED OVERDOSES. Today’s epidemic differs from others since ‘painkillers’ are readily available nationally, and since “unlike methamphetamine which addicts typically burn out on after five to six years, opioids often lead to a chronic, decades-long addiction.” After U.S. Dep’t of Health & Human Services declared the widespread abuse a Public Health Emergency, ‘Tracking Databases’ were implemented by most states to clamp down on prescriptions and hospital procedures were modified to provide “enhanced recovery after surgery.” More physicians also now evaluate “behavioral health conditions (such as anxiety, depression, ADHD) as tied to risk of addiction” before prescription. However, more than two million Americans “have had an opioid-use disorder… which is part of a larger crisis stemming from new forms of commercial cannabis, a youth nicotine vaping epidemic, and a whole generation addicted to their smartphones.” Health professionals have a massive challenge ahead. [USC TROJAN FAMILY – SUMMER 2019]


  • IT’S NOW “EASIER TO DO BUSINESS IN CUBA THAN SAN FRANCISCO.” The heavy cost of California regulation, including strongest environmental rules in the country, along with lengthy and often multiple lawsuits, can result in years to get building permits, while ‘prevailing wage’ requirements can add up to 25% to project costs. Combined with highest tax rates of all states, plus ranking 36th for “educational outcomes” which leave over 70% of kids unprepared for college, the situation has resulted in “more Americans having left California than emigrated-in during every year since 1990” (ignoring the illegal immigrant influx), and a recent Public Policy Institute report found a third of Californians are currently “thinking about moving out of the state because of the high cost of housing.” Lucky that weather overcomes all, for most of us. [ECONOMIST – 6/22/19]


  • IRS REPORTS A NEW “SURGE OF PHISHING EMAILS & TELEPHONE SCAMS” including: (1) scammers claiming to be suspending or cancelling the victim’s Social Security number due to overdue taxes, unless the robocall is returned by xxx; (2) a letter threating IRS lien or levy based on bogus delinquent taxes owed to a non-existent agency, the ‘Bureau of Tax Enforcement.’


             A California Senate Bill, assured of passage, will now override current state law to allow noncitizens, i.e. illegal immigrants, to serve within the Democratic Party as state convention delegates and county committee leaders – “abject pandering & arrogance from progressives trying to out-progressive each other, while controlling both houses and the governorship power.”