• IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ESTATE PLANNING REGARDING ‘DIGITAL ASSETS’: Most are unaware that ‘Terms of Service’ agreements generally prohibit 3rd parties – including fiduciaries – from accessing Digital assets upon death or incapacity. These include not only electronic communications (like email, social networking sites, blogs), but also digital collections (photos, videos, music files, etc), business accounts & databases, and cryptocurrencies. Various federal & state laws are appropriately focused on protecting privacy and hacking, so a ‘Revised Uniform Fiduciary access to Digital Assets Act’ does allow access – provided that this is specified within your will, Trust, or power of attorney. If you haven’t updated in a while, time to do so. DCG have decades of expertise in developing effective Estate Planning to cover all bases. Call us for courtesy consultation.
  • CBD IS A NON-PSYCHOACTIVE CHEMICAL NOW AT THE CENTER OF A WORLDWIDE WELLNESS TREND, alleviating ailments including inflammation, pain, anxiety and insomnia. CBD is an abbreviation for cannibidiol, extractable from the hemp plant – whose fibers have been used for thousands of years in textiles, rope, food & medicine, but now become “a coveted ingredient in a host of consumer products from skin lotions to sparkling water to tinctures to dog biscuits, and fueling a global Green Rush in America and other countries where a legal market for cannabis-related products was unthinkable just a few years ago.” DCG affiliate Sera Labs (SeraLabsHealth.com ) is now providing certified natural & holistic beauty and wellness products online and through major retail chains. Use promo code ‘THANKYOU20’ for a 20% discount online. [BUSINESSWEEK – 7/22/19]
  • “THE TERM ‘RACISM’ IS SO IRRESPONSIBLY BANDIED ABOUT THAT IT HAS EFFECTIVELY BEEN NERFED of the moral force it once contained… The term has been down to the point of irrelevancy…and become language corruption in service to emotional manipulation.” Similar to ‘news’ or ‘assault’ which increasingly lack realistic definition “as the dreck ‘journalists’ produce today, these words are deconstructive, tearing at the already feeble foundation of our shared language and understanding… Abusing language to solicit charged reactions, they’re inhibiting our ability to see and think objectively.”  [AMERICAN THINKER – 7/20/19]
  • YET ANOTHER INTERNATIONAL CONFLICT IS LOOMING, REGARDING REAL ESTATE CLAIMS ON THE MOON, as America/ Russia/ China/ India/ Japan/ and private companies (Space X, Blue Origin, Moon Express) all plan to land spacecraft during the next few years. International law says “no one can own property in space and that, once an entity has landed somewhere, others should avoid disturbing that site.” However, that law – the Outer Space Treaty – was written 50 years ago by only the U.S. and U.S.S.R., plus our Congress passed another law in 2015 specifying that “any material extracted from a celestial body is legally owned by the mining entity and can be sold for profit.” So, the likelihood of Treaty legitimacy acceptance and conflicting interpretation which fosters a race to ‘stake claims’ on the moon is high.  [SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN – July 2019]
  • A TRAGIC REALITY CHECK ON AMERICA’S DIRECTION: A documentary covering the “best-kept secret of modern politics” – how, for over two decades, American communists, socialists, Islamists and extreme ‘progressives’ have influenced the political agenda in both houses of Congress, the judiciary and the Executive Branch. Originating from a Soviet KGB/Muslim Brotherhood affiliation, policies and legislation have effectively gutted the U.S. military, massively eased voting qualifications leading to consequent voter fraud, fostered national educational indoctrination, fomented today’s immigration catastrophe, and substantially relegated agenda control to the Democratic party far left. https://enemieswithinmovie.com/   
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: Technology has changed our kids from an irresistible force into immovable objects.

     Annual earnings for the Top 1% of U.S. earners, averages around $719K, and for the Top .1% nearly $2.8 million, based on an Economic Policy Institute study of Social Security payroll data. But the Top 5% group minimum starts at only $195K and Top 10% is entered with only $118K.

     An outstanding magic act: https://biggeekdad.com/2011/08/double-fantasy-magic-duo/