• FRUSTRATION WITH WASTED TIME IN COMPANY MEETINGS can be lessened by: (1) Scheduling start/stop times and abiding by them. Studies show that 90 minutes is optimal for attention span effectiveness; (2) NO phones or computers to preclude text or email interference. ‘Taking notes’ excuse is redundant since a summary will be provided; (3) Quick review of the pre-distributed, prioritized Agenda, with query for any other immediate issues. Adjust agenda if appropriate; (4) Follow I.D.S. format – Identify ‘root cause’ of issue, Discuss the issue with brief input from whomever only once (i.e. not debate), then Solve or develop next required action steps toward solution; (5) Conclude with recap of issues status, and follow up with summary bullet-point email to all. [CFO MAGAZINE – 9/19]
  • ADOPTION OF DRIVERLESS VEHICLES OVER THE NEXT COUPLE DECADES will have profound impact on society, with a staggering level of disruption. Credible forecasts include: (1) Each autonomous vehicle replacing some 30 cars and eliminating over half of big city peak commuter traffic; (2) Perhaps 80% elimination of accidents, dramatically reducing death & injury rates and some $500 billion now spent annually on medical costs, along with disappearance of mechanics, brake/tire shops, gas stations and most of the auto insurance industry; (3) Cities losing over half their revenue streams from sales & gas taxes, licensing, parking & traffic violation fines; (4) Loss of at least 25% of today’s jobs with businesses disappearing; (5) major shift in policing activities, since 80% of today’s forces focused on traffic control; (6) over five million acres of parking lots in Los Angeles alone becoming available for redevelopment. A staggering level of change is coming. [DAVINCI INSTITUTE – 9/19/19]
  • CALIFORNIA HAS LEGISLATED TOUGHER INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR CLASSIFICATION, effective 2020 with retroactive application. The ‘legal presumption’ is now that ALL workers are employees, irrespective of any written agreements, with both workers & employers subject to payroll & unemployment taxes, disability & workers comp insurance, minimum wage & overtime pay, paid leaves, plus protections under Fair Labor Standards, Disabilities & Civil Rights Acts. To escape the presumption, workers must now satisfy all three tests: (1) Freedom from control of the hiring entity, contractually and in fact; (2) Performance of duties “outside the usual course of the hiring business”; and (3) Also provide “customary services of the same nature, through an independently-established trade, occupation or business” to other hiring entities. Exemptions only apply to Professional Licensed Services (medical, legal, accounting, engineering, securities, contractors).
  • ‘DEEPFLAKES’ ARE PHONY VIDEOS – faces, movements, vocal sound & inflection so close they look like the real person – are “so convincing that it could soon spell disaster, eroding trust in what we see online… with significant implications for determining the legitimacy of information presented online.” A consortium of Facebook, Microsoft and several research universities have now teamed up to “build a realistic data set, using paid actors, to detect deepflake spams, with a mega-million-dollar prize to the winning team.” [FUTURISM.COM – 9/21/19]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK:  Colorado post-legalization of marijuana statistics: Adult usage is now nearly double the national average; Pot-related hospitalizations have more than doubled and E.R. visits increased over 50%; Traffic deaths where drivers tested positive also more than doubled, while suicides where toxicology results were positive increased by 36%.  [LBN EXAMINER – 9/29/19]

                                                       “Only intuition can protect you from the most dangerous individual of all – the articulate incompetent.”