• CREATING A STRONG PASSWORD IS A CRITICAL FACTOR IN CYBERSECURITY PROTECTION. EXPERTS suggest making it long and memorable by using a ‘phrase’ familiar to you, and by using both upeer & lower case letters plus numbers & symbols. Examples:  mydogBARFYis9!; 2sistersSuzy+Pat; uncleBOBisajerk!!  Also important is not using information   accessible in public records or on social media, like birthday or children or pet names, high school or college, etc.  Since there is a high chance your existing passwords have already been breached – which can be quickly checked at https://haveibeenpwned.com –it’s a good idea to change key passwords now.


  • THE CALIFORNIA ‘BULLET TRAIN’ PROJECT “is a tangible illustration of what happens when political folly and empire building meet reality!” Eleven years ago, voters approved a 20-year, $35 billion project for a 2½-hour LA to San Francisco trip at $50 ticket cost. Ten years later, after 48 delays and cost estimates ballooning to $77 billion, it has now been ‘restructured’ to a railway one-third of the distance, to serve a population well below 500,000 between Bakersfield and Merced, at a new projected cost of only $9 billion. This 120 miles of track, “despite the ability to use ‘eminent domain’ to appropriate land, still requires acquisition of hundreds of plots & parcels, and the Rail Authority is now a player in the agriculture industry, with nearly 500 acres of land under cultivation- a side effect of having to purchase entire fields just to acquire a corner for the rail route.” [LAS VEGAS REVIEW JRNL – 10/20/19]


  • “CONVENTIONAL WISDOM DICTATES THAT CELL PHONE RADIATION IS MORE OR LESS SAFE FOR HUMANS.” According to both FCC and FDA studies (on rats), radio-frequency radiation emitted from 2G and 3G transmitters is even lower than ‘ionizing’ radiation from X-rays. However, with 4G networks now pervasive, and 5G emerging networks expected to involve hundreds of thousands of new antenna sites for ‘Internet of Things’ transmission – projecting up to twenty billion connections between refrigerators/ washing machines/ surveillance cameras/ self-driving vehicles/ etc., and based on “increases in certain types of head & neck tumors in heavy cellphone users,” concerns are valid and rising. Over 250 scientists, who’ve published research on “biologic & health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMT), have petitioned the European Union for a moratorium on public rollout, until the health implications, based on biological exposure limits, are better understood.” Be aware as you adopt 5G technology that you may be at risk of trading comprehensive and speedier connection for tumors.   [NEOSCOPE – 10/18/19] 


  • GLOBAL FERTILITY RATES ARE PLUMMETING. Within the next 80 years, as population is projected to approach 11 billion, some 90 countries are expected to experience talent shortages, associated with an aging, shrinking society, elderly less inclined to innovate, learn new technical skills, or take risks. In the view of many, including Elon Musk, “the biggest problem the world will face is population collapse.” But, meanwhile, in six countries where     “birthrates are driven more by culture than by other trends (Pakistan plus five African), half the world’s future population is being born and raised without education… And it’s those children that will determine the fate of our world.” According to the U.N., 20% of children “do not attend any school whatsoever. Absence of education is attributable to factors including female early marriage (1/3 by age 18); warring tribes or regional conflicts; distance (up to three hours walking each way); disabilities bias (which exclude up to 95% from schooling); hunger, which stunts intellectual capacity; and lack of funding for classrooms, textbooks, supplies, and a shortfall of nearly 70 million teachers required to achieve UNESCO standards.”   [THOMAS FREY – 10/17/19]


     The principal difference between WAZE and GOOGLE MAPS is advertising.  Google is more ‘full-featured’ with links to local restaurants/bars/bookings & wait times, while Waze is “bare bones and just the facts; only showing location-based ‘ads’ within the apps (like Chevron logo over its position). “

     Google’s new ‘Quantum Machine’ needs less than 3 ½ minutes to perform calculations that would take a traditional computer ten-thousand YEARS, an astounding demonstration of technology on the horizon.