• WITH VACCINE EFFICACY NOW SHOWING 95%, and U.S. ‘natural’ immunity believed to be 25%, the target for reaching Covid-19 HERD IMMUNITY is 58% population coverage, assuming that vaccines are distributed to both adults and children. If to adults only, coverage may need to be as high as 85%.  [McKINSEY – 12/5/20] 
  • THE INMATES NOW DO RUN THE ASYLUM IN LOS ANGELES. Policies now effective, from newly-elected officials in order to “protect the community,” include: (1) Release without bail except for ‘violent felonies’ including violent sexual assault – and for those, bail only if ‘aligned with their ability to pay’; (2) Dismissal without arraignment or conditions for misdemeanors like minors’ drinking, driving without or suspended license, trespassing, loitering, disturbing peace, resisting arrest, (great news for homeless & panhandlers); (3) Presumptive probation unless ‘extraordinary’ circumstances; (4) Regardless of circumstances, funeral/ burial/ health services for families of anyone killed by police.
  • MILLENIAL ‘BURNOUT’ HAS BECOME A GENERATIONAL CONDITION, “a feeling of having hit the wall exhaustion-wise, but needing to scale it with an ever-recycling to-do list, because everything is work and work is everything …feeling that the world they’ve inherited is a deeply unsatisfying place, operating without a safety net, always one accident or illness away from bankruptcy or eviction… Digital technologies have intensified the problem – always connected & reachable, effectively without any sort of boundaries, surrounded by social media telling what they’re supposed to do – packaging life & leisure in a way that makes it part of their personality and a brand to be maintained. Combined with the risk & impacts of the Covid pandemic,    Millennials are overwhelmed with options to the point of paralysis and increased anxiety.”  [VOX.COM – 12/2/20]
  • LATEST SCIENCE BEHIND LONGEVITY, based on lots of studies of millions of people at major universities & clinics, is that just a handful of healthy habits can potentially extend life span by a dozen years – from today’s age expectancy of 76 for men, 81 for women: (1) Maintaining healthy weight – Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18.5 and 25; (2) Not smoking and moderation in drinking, both alcohol and coffee (max two cups/day); (3) Maintaining healthy diet – substantially on vegetables/ fruit/ beans/ peas/ nuts/ whole grains; (4) Exercising – 40 minutes of moderate aerobic five times weekly, plus cycling/ jogging/ gym/ and (best) tennis or soccer; (5) Avoiding social isolation – which can shorten life span by 15 years, an impact similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day; (6) Maintaining emotional optimism – shown to increase chance of living to 85 by 70%.  [THE WEEK – 12/11/20]
  • FOR AILING SMALL BUSINESSES WHICH HAVE SURVIVED THE PANDEMIC, a unique opportunity to relieve debt of up to $7.5M and restart fresh was provided by the federal stimulus CARES Act, via ‘Subchapter V’ bankruptcy filing, which allows:(1) no Creditors’ Committee or costs; (2) flexibility to pay administrative claims over time, and (3) retention of both Management and owner Equity. This Restructuring is eligible temporarily through Q1, 2021. Call DCG for courtesy consult if this might apply to your situation.
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: Another perspective on the Covid/ Lockdown crisis: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CIdvRS6hNhD/?igshid=j86g748nv1at

     Political Correctness Identity now allows multiple category options on the Registration page for ‘Women Lead’ courses at Georgia State U, double if you want to add ‘self’ to the title: he, him, she, her, they, them, xie, ze, ve, co, en, ey, and yo. Kids used to be asked ‘What’s your sign?’ – now it’s ‘What’s your pronoun?’

    Teaching children literacy is always a challenge, especially outside of structured classrooms. But a best-selling series in Japan has sold many millions of copies by featuring a turd-shaped head mascot who guides kids through sentences all featuring the Japanese word for ‘poop’ – to help them memorize over a thousand characters needed to pass early literacy tests.