• THE ECONOMIC RESET FOSTERED BY CORONAVIRUS IS NOW EMERGING, with start-ups and restarts in progress.    A reminder that four in ten new companies fail from the get-go because entrepreneurs built products or services which didn’t address the “real needs, of big enough markets, with a realistic value proposition.”  Then next biggest cause of failure involves neglecting to identify realistic selling channels and marketing vehicles to get their dream products or services in the users’ hands or minds in an economic & scalable way.  When these critical start-points are realistically evaluated, and supported by preliminary financial forecasting to project economic viability, the subsequent steps in start-up execution are relatively straightforward, and DCG have decades of expertise & experience in successfully structuring and implementation. Let us help guide you before your reality check bounces. Call for courtesy consultation.  [KELLOGG MAGAZINE – Spring/Summer 2020]
  • HAS THE U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT BECOME “AN EXPENSIVE VESTIGIAL LIMB?”  Once needed to handle most aspects of foreign affairs, State has “transitioned to America’s concierge abroad with work mostly logistical… an agency without agency, adequate personnel or budget, and now virtually obsolete,” since communications have improved to a point were world leaders can call or text each other directly and timely, no longer requiring a President’s personal representative.  Its “long, lingering death is part self-inflicted, part a victim of circumstance as, over the past several Administrations, State has created topical divisions (Science, Tech, etc.) which overlay geographical divisions that skitter sideways and up/down simultaneously, resulting usually in paralysis when not in confusion. The problem is not determining who is in charge per se, but that 10 – 12 people all think they are in charge… While Dep’t of Defense maintains relationships with foreign militaries, and Intel Community with local spies & cops, the civilians which State interfaces with may matter little in a power structure – rendering the American Ambassador second place on his/her own team.” [AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE – 5/21/20]
  • AS THE NEXT MOON LANDING & SETTLEMENT IS BACK ON NASA PRIORITY, the hottest commodity may turn out to be human Pee. Beyond recycling for drinking (as astronauts already do on the Int’l Space Station), and for use as fertilizer (already done at the German Aerospace Center), it turns out that urine is “mixable with moon dirt to create a geopolymer which has similar properties to concrete and is useable for construction of landing pads & habitats… Pee is going to have a big role to play as humans glamorously venture out into the solar system.” [WIRED – 5/22/20]
  • A COMPANY CULTURE THAT PROMOTES ‘GROWTH MINDSET,’ “believing that success is driven by effort rather than just brains or talent, can have a profound effect on how people perform,” and facilitate employees’ self-confidence through strategies like: “(1) avoiding wishful thinking – letting desire for something to happen bias assessment of its probability; (2) tempering expectations to be prepared for likely outcomes; and (3) actually ‘betting’ on what they believe will happen, so that if another rational, well-informed person is willing to take the bet, then asking ‘what do they know that I don’t?… Organizations that invest in their cultures can produce positive returns.”   [BERKELEY HAAS NEWS – spring 2020]
  • “IN THE 21st CENTURY AGE OF INFORMATION WARFARE, one man’s libel is an outrage; when thousands do it, we call that ‘The News’… The media remain oblivious to complaints they regularly make generalizations and assume malicious intent among large swaths of voters…and have used this gambit to assume the mantle of victimhood. They recast legitimate criticism as irrationally threatening, and disparage any colleagues in conservative media or who otherwise step out of line to question their groupthink…especially when exposing the contradictions where decorum & civility of official Washington have wielded power in a way that runs roughshod over the desires of ‘deplorable’ and irredeemable’ citizens…There’s not an unreasonable perception that the media and other institutions ultimately have more power & influence than the President, and will outlast him, as opposition portray their own inexcusable and vicious attacks on the portion of America that doesn’t share their center-left worldview as the product of reasonable consensus.”  [THE FEDERALIST – 5/26/20]
  • THOUGHTS FOR THE WEEK: “The media’s “truth” is a good guide to what is abjectly false. When knowledge, wisdom, independent thought, even basic competence were no longer requisites for success, then the media naturally slid into mediocrity, and mastered networking and obsequiousness instead of valuing independence.”  – Victor Davis Hanson

      Political Reality for the national emergency on our border: https://cdn10.bigcommerce.com/s-dcvfa4/products/3407/images/4812/National_Emergency_-_WEB__73628.1551389562.1280.1280.jpg?c=2

     “Atheism is a non-prophet organization.”